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Here's what happened in last night's game. Each PC gets 374 xp each.

27th Maius (contd)

Confronted by the baying pack of eel hounds, Brave Ella climbs up the grassy bank where she can take potshots at them, but Krivinn, Koh-Bar and Margarita soon find themselves surrounded by frenzied eels and slipping all over the place on the muddy shore. Koh-Bar goes unconscious from multiple slithering bites. To rescue the tiefling, Krivinn lays hands on him, then throws him up the bank. Meanwhile, the pack leader has eel-spat at Ella twice and then closes to attack her at close quarters. Koh-Bar uses his thunder leap to jump back into the action, misses three out of four eel hounds, ends up unconscious again and then fails two death saves before being healed by Krivinn. Margarita revives Ella who is being attacked by the leader and then slays the beast after it’s bloodied by Krivinn. Weary from their travails, the PCs head up the creek to find somewhere to rest for the night as it’s getting dark.

The party set up camp – Ella talks about building a fire but using this word seems to freak out Koh-Bar who runs off into the woods, ranting and raving. While he’s gone, Ella makes her small fire. Koh-Bar spots a man of leaves in the trees and returns to the others but Krivinn says the word “fire” again, causing the sorcerer to run off again. When he comes back for a second time, Krivinn sets him off for a third time, then Sharden does. Eventually the PCs stop tormenting the tiefling as twigs in their campfire start screaming and writhing around as if in agony! Krivinn grabs several twigs out of the flames, burning himself in the process,  and then lays hands on the sticks in an effort to heal them. The party don’t light another fire and Sharden uses a scroll to cast magic mouth to guard the campsite.

The PCs settle down to rest but Ella’s watch is disturbed by a flock of owls swooping and diving through the camp. Fortunately the others get back to sleep and the party manages to take an extended rest.

Feywild, Day 2

The PCs continue to follow the creek upstream, running into a group of fey and their two hunting boars. They refuse to bow down and swear fealty to the eladrin so battle ensues. The Black Fey runners turn invisible and blind the PCs with their feyshot wands while the boars charge Krivinn and Margarita and the witch surrounds herself in a shadowy aura. After a tough battle where the PCs don’t know where to target with their powers, the PCs are victorious but two of the Black Fey runners manage to escape.

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