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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Best quote:

kb98, pointing at a mini on the battlemat : "Kill the gnoll!"

g0gmag0g : "That's me!"

19th Maius

The PCs work out how to turn the powder they found in Orloch’s base into healing potions and create three of them under Gil and Juma’s supervision.

Return to the slum tenement building and descend into the dungeons. Hrothgar kicks in the door to the Slaver Greathall but he and Juma get cut off on one side of a portcullis that comes down to divide the party. Inside the room are the dragonborn warlord Orliss the Goat, four hobgoblins and six goblins. Sora lifts up the portcullis so she and Ulthar can head through, then Gilgarran casts flaming sphere, orbmaster’s incendiary detonation and hypnotic pattern into the room which kills a few goblins. The PCs take Orliss down and then defeat the goblinoids. Ulthar takes the dragonborn’s +1 scale armour of sacrifice and puts it on.

Before the PCs have had much chance to heal, Hrothgar moves towards the next room: a wooden ledge overlooking a river where three slavers (one eladrin and two gnolls) are loading their boats. The barbarian is spotted by Virmoth the mage who attacks the party with a force blast, knocking them prone. Juma leaps down to the riverside, followed by Ulthar who cocks up his jump and lands in an untidy heap. Hrothgar is the third one down, using his tiger’s leap to get there. The PCs make short work of Raiko the gnoll while Sora kills the drow who had been lurking to the west of the ledge. Gil is bloodied by Virmoth’s force bolt – to make things worse, he then fey steps into the room where Gil has been skulking. Hrothgar has been trading insults with Wrix the whip-wielding second gnoll – the slaver calls out “You still haven’t got any class” to his country-bumpkin cousin with his last breath. Virmoth surrenders to the PCs when cornered, telling them that Orloch is downriver at the slave market. Although Hrothgar and Juma want to kill him (or at least cut off his right hand to send a message), Sora and Ulthar are able to persuade them to lock the eladrin in the slavers’ cells.

Hrothgar starts opening the slavers’ chests – he is shot by an arrow trap but manages to disable the hail of needles trap on one of the coffers. Jihad takes the 50 fake platinum pieces from the loot; Hrothgar takes the masterwork thieves’ tools marked with the sigil of their previous owner (a mark no one in the party recognises).

Next, the PCs head west to the Shrine of Niramuth the Rat-God. Hrothgar checks for traps but can’t find any so pulls a dagger from the treasure pile beneath the statue only to be struck by a curse that gives him a fear of rats as hundreds of the horrible little rodents pour into the room through holes in the walls. The rats swarm all over him but Juma is able to use dimensional warp to rescue the gnoll. He runs off and the others finish off the rats.

Juma changes into Jihad and also gets cursed as he goes to pick up the same dagger. Then he tries to pry out the fist-sized rubies from the giant rat statue which transforms into a huge dire rat and blasts Sora and Gil with its tainted breath, giving them both filth fever (-2 to Endurance checks). It also bites Hrothgar, giving him the disease too. Nevertheless, the PCs manage to kill it and this frees Hrothgar and Juma from the curse. Take the treasure and then an extended rest.

After resting, Hrothgar recovers from filth fever but both Gilgarran and Sora get worse despite being treated by Ulthar (-2 to AC, Fort & Ref defenses). The PCs decide to press on and Juma opens the door in this room. Inside the bottom level of the ruined tower, the PCs are attacked by a boneshard skeleton and two skeletal archers. The boneshard skeleton launches shards of bone at everyone when its bloodied and explodes when Sora kills it, inflicting lots of damage on the party. Hrothgar takes its +1 battlecrazed great axe.

The PCs head back to the broken seal area and go up the steps. Inside the room Hrothgar searches the body of the dead mage, taking his scrolls and other stuff while Gilgarran and the others examine the portal painted on the wall. Unsure, they decide to leave it alone for the time being.

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