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Recent Reading: RPGs

I've been reading quite a few RPG books and supplements recently - all good stuff!

Monte Cook’s World of Darkness – this is going to be the next game kb98 and I are going to play together, to have a bit of a change from 20+ years of D&D campaigns. Haven’t read much of it yet but I like what I’ve seen so far. Initial thoughts are that the campaign will centre around one PC and one NPC partner, both different “races’ (vampire, werewolf, demon, mage or Awakened human), working for the Intrusion Defense Agency. I’ll base the game in Chicago as that’s the default setting of the book and I’ve got an earlier White Wolf supplement for Vampire on the city which might come in handy.

Halls of the Mountain King – I’ve already written a few words about this Open Design adventure but I’ve since received the final, errated 3.5 edition. It’s a terrific adventure and I can’t wait for the 4e version (which I worked on). Will feature as part of the Parsantium campaign for sure – I’ve already thought about where the Ironcrag Mountains will go, and how to amend the introduction to start in my City at the Crossroads rather than Wolfgang’s.

Dwarves of the Ironcrags – another great Open Design production, designed to sit alongside Halls but also available to non-patrons. This supplement is packed with tons of flavour-filled information on the dwarves of the Zobeck setting, their cantons in the Ironcrags and their society, as well as the Kariv (a gypsy-like people), dwarven and derro magic, and some interesting new monsters (many of which feature in the adventure).

Divine Power – the third “Power” book for 4e D&D players includes lots of new builds, feats and powers for divine characters. I want to play an avenger next – they just seem so cool – and there’s some good stuff for them here but I was also pleased to see some great new powers for the cleric and paladin. The book also introduces the 4e version of domains to help make each god’s cleric a little more distinct from other priests – another example of 4e expanding as it matures.

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