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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #19: Monkeys, Bears and Satyrs, Oh My!

Here's what happened in last night's action-packed session. Each PC gets a whopping 756 xp!

25th Maius (contd)

The party takes an extended rest after the exhausting battle with the vine horrors. Refreshed, the PCs decide, at last, to brave the Monkey Temple where the little feyshore monkeys gather round the party, climbing all over them. One grabs Sharden’s wand and runs off with it; another snatches Krivinn’s necklace with Bahamut’s symbol (the one he was given by the Water Boys as a reward). Sharden blasts the two culprits with grasping shards but three others jump on his arm and throw off his aim. Krivinn breathes on a group of monkeys, killing four and horrifying Sreedhar who shouts out that the creatures are sacred to Hanuman. The dragonborn decides to try a different tack and heads for the temple door as Sharden runs after the two thieves who have leapt into the trees. Margarita and Brave Ella follow the dwarf.

Krivinn goes inside the temple and addresses Hanuman’s statue, explaining his anger at having his precious necklace stolen. The god doesn’t reply but Krivinn leaves him several offerings nonetheless: Ashna’s greenstone hippo, a silver shuriken and a blessed sling. As he kneels down before the idol he spots a loose flagstone – lifting it up he finds a pair of red leather gloves emblazoned with Hanuman’s face.

Meanwhile, the others are chasing the two monkeys. Dashing after them, Sharden blasts the little animals with grasping shards, killing them both. Krivinn’s necklace gets caught on a branch but the invoker’s wand falls out the tree and into the arms of another feyshore monkey who runs off with it! Margarita climbs the tree and manages to retrieve the necklace while Ella and Sharden chase after the wand. Eventually, they catch up with the monkey and Ella is able to coax it down from the treetops. It drops the wand at the PCs’ feet, holding its hands out for food.

Back at the temple, Krivinn carries all the dead monkeys inside but soon brings them back out again when the other monkeys start screeching at him. Instead, he buries the little bodies in the ground. With the burial complete and their items recovered, the PCs beat a hasty retreat from the immediate vicinity and rest for the night.


26th Maius

The PCs divide up the treasure and give Sreedhar his cut – the scholar takes the gold and gems and leaves the party with the magic items they’ve found. Saying farewell to Sreedhar as he returns to Parsantium, the PCs head for the village of Riverbend to take Mahadevi home.

Towards the end of the day, the PCs arrive at the village mill – across the other side of the dam, two beautiful horses drink from the pond watched by an eladrin knight in green armour and his squire. As the party approach, the knight leaps into his saddle and shouts “Which of you dares cross water guarded by the servants of the River King? None shall pass the river without defeating me first.”

He rides on to the dam and challenges Krivinn. Sharden casts offer of justice and then the knight charges the dragonborn paladin. The others ignore (or just don’t get) the principles of single combat and get stuck in. Margarita leads the attack, cutting off the Green Knight’s head and is somewhat surprised when it grows back! Sharden then pushes Sir Oberest into the stream with thunder of judgement. Illisfan the squire uses fey step to appear behind Ella and Sharden as the Green Knight uses his entangling blade to restrain Krivinn after fey stepping back on to the dam. Margarita bull rushes the knight into the water for a second time but the squire is able to knock Sharden in too with his bashing shield. Ella shoots Illisfan, killing him, as the Green Knight flees, chased by Krivinn who takes him down. Sir Oberest’s horse runs off but Margarita manages to grab hold of the squire’s so that Ella can leap on its back. The elf ranger rides round on it for a while but the horse is just lulling her into a false sense of security. While the others search the two eladrin’s bodies, the fey horse steps through the mists and then runs off. Margarita takes the squire’s bashing shield which is decorated with a golden bee on a green field.

The PCs carry on into the village, unimpressed by the welcome they’ve received so far from the people of Riverbend. Outside the Golden Knight Tavern, a crowd is gathered. The PCs talk to the men and women, learning that a talking bear and a gang of satyrs are running riot inside the bar. There is also some talk about Hamid the miller murdering his eladrin wife but the party decide to deal with one issue at a time. Krivinn strides inside the tavern and starts trying to reason with the satyrs. He does well initially but ends up antagonizing the fey who attack. The bear’s fierce roar causes Krivinn and Margarita a lot of trouble, making it hard for them to attack the beast in melee. The satyrs taunt the party, whirling around the taproom and jabbing with their spears. It’s a very tough battle which spills outside into the street. Both Krivinn and Margarita end up bloodied but the PCs are eventually able to kill four of the satyrs and to drive off the fifth one and Redcoat the feyborn bear.

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