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Draconians: 25 Years On!

I have fond memories of the Dragonlance modules, particularly the first one set in the atmospheric ruins of Xak Tsaroth (see picture). Now draconians are back in 4e, complete with funky effects that occur when they die. Was it the baaz that exploded? Another subspecies would turn to stone with your weapon stuck in it - very annoying!


Evil spellcasters and priests create cruel servitors known as draconians by using a ritual that corrupts metallic dragon eggs. The kind of draconian depends on the egg it hatched from. For instance, a gold dragon egg produces a small number of the prized aurak draconians, and a bronze dragon egg can spawn up to a dozen bozak draconians.

The transformation that changes a dragon into a draconian causes the energy transference between the dragon's heart and fundamentum to become unstable. While the draconian lives, the pumping heart keeps a dragon's elemental energy in check, but once the heart stops, the energy exponentially increases and alters the draconian's corpse. Some undergo a minor transformation, such as turning to stone, but in others the elemental forces grow so immense that they cause an explosive overload of destructive energy.

Draconians and Metallic Dragon Eggs
Draconian Kind Corrupted Egg
Adamaaz Adamantine
Aurak Gold
Baaz Brass
Bozak Bronze
Ferak Iron
Kapak Copper
Kobaaz Cobalt
Sivak Silver

Aurak Draconian

Masters of the mind, aurak draconians assault their foes with psychic urgings and twisting thoughts. Aurak draconians are wingless, but they can teleport short distances.

Aurak draconians are also incredibly hard to kill. Before dying, an aurak draconian immolates itself in green flames and flies into a burning, bloody frenzy. It strikes its enemy with savage claws before finally falling.

Aurak Draconian
Level 8 Controller (Leader)
Medium natural humanoid (reptile)
XP 350
Initiative +5; Senses Perception +9; darkvision
Fiery Frenzy (Fire) aura 1; only when the aurak draconian drops to 0 hit points; each enemy that starts its turn within the aura takes 5 fire damage. See also death frenzy.
HP 70; Bloodied 35; see also death frenzy
AC 22; Fortitude 19, Reflex 21, Will 21
Speed 6
MeleeClaw (standard; at-will)
+13 vs. AC; 2d6 + 5 damage.
RangedFiery Blast (standard; at-will) Fire
Ranged 5; +12 vs. Reflex; 1d10 + 7 fire damage.
RangedMindbend (standard; encounter) Charm, Psychic
Ranged 10; +12 vs. Will; 1d6 + 5 psychic damage, and the target is dominated (save ends).
Death Frenzy (when the draconian drops to 0 hit points)
The draconian does not fall dead, but instead flies into a savage and fiery rage. Its fiery frenzy aura is activated. The draconian can make only melee basic attacks, but it deals 1d6 extra damage on those attacks. At the end of each of its turns, the draconian makes a saving throw. If it fails, it dies. It also dies if an enemy scores a critical hit against it.
Dimensional Step (move; recharge 6) Teleportation
The aurak draconian teleports 5 squares.
Defend Me! (minor; at-will)
One ally within 5 squares shifts 1 square.
Change Shape (minor; encounter) Polymorph
An aurak draconian can alter its physical form to appear as any Medium humanoid (see "Change Shape," MM2 216).
Alignment Evil; Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Diplomacy +13, Insight +14
Str 13 (+5) Dex 13 (+5) Wis 20 (+9)
Con 17 (+7) Int 20 (+9) Cha 18 (+8)
Equipment robes

Aurak Draconian Lore

Nature DC 14: Aurak draconians are rare. They are masters of magic that can twist the mind of a foe to do their bidding.

Nature DC 19: When an aurak draconian is killed, it is consumed by a frenzy that transforms the creature into a terrifying, fiery horror. It fights until it burns out or a particularly powerful blow finally downs the creature.

Aurak Draconian Tactics

Arrogant to the extreme, an aurak draconian guides its allies to build a defensive barrier between it and its foes. The aurak then tries to dominate the most powerful enemy, while striking at others with its fiery blasts. It constantly moves nearby allies to defensive and offensive positions with its defend me! power, while using dimensional step to gain a better spot on the battlefield from which to pepper enemies with fiery death.

Once it enters its death frenzy, any notion of subtle tactics leaves the aurak. It spends its last actions wreaking as much havoc as possible against as many enemies as it can.

Sivak Draconian

Sivak draconians are the largest and most physically imposing draconians. Due to their large wings, sivaks are the only draconians that can truly fly. Their ability to transform into creatures they have slain makes them useful spies in civilized society.

Sivak Draconian
Level 8 Skirmisher
Large natural humanoid (reptile)
XP 350
Initiative +11; Senses Perception +7; darkvision
HP 90; Bloodied 45; see also death mask
AC 22; Fortitude 20, Reflex 21, Will 19
Speed 7, fly 7
MeleeGreatsword (standard; at-will) Weapon
Reach 2; +13 vs. AC; 1d12 + 6 damage.
MeleeLeaping Strike (standard; recharge 56) Weapon
The draconian shifts 3 squares and makes an attack: reach 2; +13 vs. AC; 2d12 + 6 damage.
Death Mask (when the draconian drops to 0 hit points; targets the creature that reduced the draconian to 0 hit points) Fear, Psychic, Polymorph
The draconian dies, and changes its form to that of the creature that killed it; +9 vs. Will; 2d6 + 5 psychic damage, and the target is dazed until the end of its next turn. The draconian's body decomposes into dust after three days.
Flying Charge
When charging, a draconian can charge to any unoccupied space adjacent to the target, instead of just the closest space.
Steal Appearance (immediate reaction, when the sivak draconian kills a humanoid; at-will) Polymorph
The draconian alters its physical form to appear as the slain creature (see "Change Shape," MM2 216). The draconian can end the transformation as a minor action.
Alignment Evil; Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Bluff +10, Streetwise +10
Str 18 (+8) Dex 20 (+9) Wis 16 (+7)
Con 18 (+8) Int 12 (+5) Cha 12 (+5)
Equipment plate armor, greatsword

Sivak Draconian Lore

Nature DC 14: Sivak draconians are surprisingly agile flyers, able to quickly shift their center of mass and charge foes in a manner hard to predict. They can take on the appearance of people they slay, making them excellent infiltrators.

Nature DC 19: When killed, a sivak draconian transforms into the appearance of the person that slew it. This can shock and unsettle the killer.

Sivak Draconian Tactics

Sivak draconians charge over opponents and drop into flanking positions, giving them better chances to hit with their serrated greatswords. When surrounded, a sivak draconian makes a short leaping strike to free itself.


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