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Here's what happened in Monday night's game - another close shave for our heroes! Each PC gets 481 xp.

24th Maius (contd)

The PCs make their way outside where Sreedhar, Gong and Ranjeet are waiting. Sreedhar is keen to examine the carvings inside but is disappointed that the party smashed the four-armed warrior statue. After their patron has had a good look round and sketched some of the carvings, the PCs decide to head towards the cave in the side of the hill. Here, Brave Ella scouts around the entrance but the adventurers still aren’t sure whether to proceed so Sharden performs the Hand of Fate ritual. The ghostly blue hand is clear, pointing into the cave. Ella fashions a crude torch and the PCs head inside the dark tunnel.

Ella, Sharden, Krivinn and Margarita head down into the darkness, past crude ogre graffitti and the dead body of a peasant to reach a large cave with an underground stream flowing through the middle. Margarita lights a sunrod, revealing a human woman asleep on a pile of dirty rags and chained to the floor. Looming out of the darkness at the far side of the cavern comes an ogre and his two pet tigers. The two tigers swim across the water to attack Krivinn and Margarita, followed by the ogre – the PCs take down the first tiger but the second one continues to attack the warlord. The ogre smashes Ella for 25 hp damage but she manages to kill it in retaliation, then kicks its corpse in the head several times for good measure. Margarita uses swiftcurrent to cross the stream and charges the tiger, followed by Krivinn. The party finishes off the beast and rescues Mahadevi, the captured peasant woman. Krivinn breaks the news (not that gently!) that her husband Palash is dead and lays hands on her to heal her wounds. Meanwhile, Ella has finished kicking the ogre’s head and cuts it off. The PCs search the cave and find some treasure including a +2 master’s wand of thunderwave and skin the tigers, somewhat inexpertly.

Outside, the party buries Palash’s body and Krivinn says a few appropriate words. Afterwards, the PCs take another extended rest. They promise Mahadevi they will take her back to her village, Riverbend, about ten miles away through the forest.

25th Maius
The PCs head to the ratha at the top of the hill above the ogre’s cave. Unfortunately, the ceiling inside is unstable and Krivinn is only just able to get out before it collapses on his head!

Next the party heads for the last ratha – this one is overgrown with vines and dedicated to Brihaspati. A few skeletons lie among the twisted vines. Unsurprisingly, the skeletons come to life as the PCs enter. What they didn’t expect were the three vine horrors who appear from behind the garhabgriha to attack the PCs, blinding them with caustic clouds and grabbing them with vicious vines. After a very tough fight the party win the day, with Krivinn delivering the killing blow to the vine horror spellfiend.

Quotes of the Week
"These fuckers drank all my healing potions" Brave Ella
"I still don't think these are that tough" Sharden on the vine horrors

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