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Gods of the Sahasran Pantheon

Here's a (by no means complete) list of the more important deities of the Sahasran pantheon:

Agni – god of fire. He has seven hands, two heads and three legs. He has seven fiery tongues with which he licks sacrificial butter. He rides a ram or in a chariot harnessed by fiery horses.

Bauhei the black leopard

Brihaspati – teacher of the gods, has seven mouths, horns and 100 wings

Durga – the wife of Siva and is a less-dark aspect of Kali; she is a radiant goddess who embodies divine feminine force. She has ten arms and rides a tiger.

Hanuman the Monkey God – helped Siva defeat Ravana

Kali, the Black Mother

Kiga – almost forgotten goddess of hunting, worshipped in the jungles of Sahasra

Mitra, Light of Blessings – sun god and guardian of the cosmic order

Puchan – god of travellers, appears as a normal man carrying a golden lance

Ravana, lord of the rakshasas

Rudra, the Archer – god of the storm, the wind & the hunt

Sapta Sindhu – the seven river gods (including Varuna, god of oceans & rivers)

Savitri – god of the day long sun, who causes all things to move and work, the tides to ebb and flow. Unlike Surya, he is not always gentle and has a bad temper.

Siva – god of destruction and change, defeated Ravana in battle. His mount is a bull called Nandi.

Surya – god of the rising and setting sun. Appears as a man with dark red skin and long golden hair. He has a third eye and four arms.

Ushas, goddess of dawn, the bright and ever-young daughter of the heavens. She appears as a beautiful woman, driving away the evil spirits that have gathered during the night, awakening the gods and living creatures, and then opening the gates of the sky to allow Surya into the world.

Vishnu, the Preserver

Pictures depict, from left to right: Ravana, Agni, Kali


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