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Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Each PC gets 460 xp.

18th Maius

In the early hours of the morning, the PCs get up, ready to return to the Old Fishery. Before they leave, Hrothgar spots a bird (a nail stealer) pull a shiny nail from Mangesh’s houseboat.

Go to the Old Fishery and fail spectacularly to stage a surprise raid. First, Juma joins Hrothgar on the boardwalk around the side of the building, causing it to collapse and tipping them both into the water to be attacked by a jigsaw shark. Then, they head underneath the fishery on the lower boardwalk, through the rotting ship and back round – Juma slips twice, falling in the second time. Finally, it takes three attempts to bash down the front door. Inside, the PCs are attacked from all sides by Mr Wang and the Dockside Crew: Hookshanks the dwarf fires at Juma from the right, Bloo the guard drake bites Hrothgar from straight ahead while Elias Wang launches an Avernian eruption into the PCs from the left. A big (and lengthy) battle follows in which Gilgarran’s flaming sphere and orbmaster’s incendiary detonation spells are used to great effect to deal with the Crew rabble. Mr Wang is backed up by more Crew mooks and Giggles the half-orc, but eventually the PCs manage to finish off their opponents. Wang is killed by opportunity attacks from Sora and Ulthar and Giggles is killed by Hrothgar after being surrounded by the party. Hookshanks surrenders, volunteering to tell the PCs all he knows after Jihad threatens to cut his thumb off (“no branding, but cutting off thumbs is fine”). He tells the PCs that Mr Wang used to meet Zeno at a gambling hall on a boat and confirms that Orloch is a slaver and a gnoll. The PCs let him go. After Sora dissuades the others from carving “Juma Gang” into Mr Wang’s naked body and hanging it up outside, they undertake a full search of the Fishery before torching it and returning home to bed.

When they wake up, Hrothgar climbs the mast of the Fat Grouper and grabs the nail stealer’s nest. He takes it to Mangesh and explains the bird has been stealing the fisherman’s nails. Mangesh is grateful after becoming convinced that the gnoll is telling the truth and promises the PCs curry and beers that evening as a reward.

Head to the slums. Juma sticks his hand in the devil’s mouth lock on the gate to Orloch’s tenement but luckily pulls it out in time as the jaws snap shut. Sora goes next door to St Caspieran’ Salvation and talks to Brother Jerome who confirms that Orloch’s base is adjacent to his mission. Ulthar, suspicious, goes to see the priest as well but doesn’t learn anything new – he makes a donation to the mission but declines the invitation to help serve cabbage soup to the homeless.

Jihad leaps over the gate followed by Hrothgar and Ulthar but Sora and Gil have problems and both take a tumble. In the alley, they fight five sentries armed with a net and longspears up on a ledge, reinforced by two archers and two toughs. Sora and Ulthar dodge back round the corner to avoid being shot at and finish off the sentries while Juma-Jihad heads inside to fight the toughs and ends up getting knocked unconscious by aging fence Arturo. Gil casts flaming sphere into the room which burns Hrothgar when he’s pulled through it by the otyugh on the other side of the curtain in one corner. Fortunately the gnoll manages to escape and is able to charge Arturo, bloodying him. The otyugh retreats back under the garbage in its pit to stay out of the way of the flaming sphere. Jihad is healed by Ulthar and uses dimensional warp to swap places with Sora. Ulthar kills the last sentry and Sora finishes off Arturo. All the PCs move inside, taking care to keep well away from the otyugh’s reach.

Quote of the session: "I do not care you have rolled 26, I am still talking" Hrothgar to Ulthar

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