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Ulthar Forkbeard - Character Background

Here's the story of Ulthar Forkbeard, human warlord, played by ulthar01 :

Ulthar Forkbeard

Ulthar is an impoverished Urskovian noble forced to earn a living, firstly as a mercenary in the Parsantine Varangian guard, and more recently as a pest control operative.

Like many Urskovian noble families, Ulthar’s has fallen on hard times following the collapse of trade with the former Batiaran Empire and the subsequent occupation of Parsantium. Nonetheless, appearances were kept up during Ulthar’s childhood. He received training in the art of war, and showed early promise in leading his peers on hunting expeditions deep in the Urskovian forests. When only 14 he persuaded the local prince to allow the youngsters to accompany his druzhina on an ambush of raiding goblinoids. The barrage of javelins, axes and rocks from the youths harrying the raiders’ flanks would surely have blunted their enthusiasm for further tourism, had any of them survived.

In keeping with his family’s desire to maintain their social standing, Ulthar was enrolled with a local skald for instruction in his people’s history, culture and music traditions. He still finds that song greatly enhances the pleasures of axeplay. Like many Urskovians, Ulthar acknowledges Terak, the God of War, as his principal deity. Terak has not seen fit to grant Ulthar as much battle experience as he would like however, and Ulthar wonders if the god has held him back for some unfathomable destiny.

Ulthar’s service in the Varangian guard was not an entirely happy one, with much of the time spent on palace guard duty and ceremony. On the one occasion Ulthar saw field service, the Varangians were held back in reserve to guard the Basileus. He did however see Parsantine’s gnoll mercenaries seize a vital piece of high ground dominating the battlefield, followed by a charge of the Platinum Knights of Bahamut which finished the enemy off. His opinion of gnolls and dragonborn was greatly improved by this experience.

Unknown to his companions, Ulthar is being harassed by a shadowy figure looking for secrets about the palace and its residents. A Varangian’s oath of loyalty is for life and Ulthar has refused to co-operate, but he wonders what this latest Parsantine intrigue could be about.

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