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Sora Zaveri - Character Background

Here's the backstory for Sora the dragonborn paladin, kb98 's character in the Dulwich Parsantium campaign:

Sora Zaveri: the background

Sora was hatched in the Moonscale clan house, in the Emerald Ward of Parsantium, sixteen years ago. Two eggs had been laid by her mother: an unusual situation but not unheard of. The eggs were both identical in size but one had a muddy silver glaze to it; the other was covered in tiny multicoloured specks. Both hatched into female dragonborn: the silver shell baby was named Sora and the baby from the multicoloured shell was called Jenma.

As is the custom in the Moonscale clan, the girls were raised along with the other young of the clan in a communal environment where they could form attachments with other young. But the two remained close, sharing play, lessons and dreams throughout the years of childhood and adolescence. Easy to tell apart – Sora had bronze-coloured scales, Jenma’s were redder – they were nonetheless identifiable as twins by the fact they were always together. Their abilities were different, too, with Sora nicknamed “Sparky” for her lightning breath, Jenma breathing the more usual fire.

At the age of fourteen they were chosen to be sent to the Chapel of Bahamut, through contacts with the clan, where they would serve as squires to a pair of knights. There they were taught the way of the paladin: the rules, the religion, the fighting skills. Sora’s knight was well regarded in the chapel and she too became known for her loyalty, passion, bravery and kindness. Jenma’s knight was less prominent but the two new dragonborn squires were both considered to be doing well in the job. And while they were content to play these roles, there was recognition on the rare occasions that the sisters were alone that the lifestyle was more regimented and restrictive than they had expected. One day, when Sora moaned to Jenma about not getting to meet anyone outside of the Chapel, Jenma confessed she was thinking about running away. Sora was horrified, but relieved when Jenma seemed to have changed her mind.

On the night before their fifteenth birthday, the day they would officially become adults, Jenma and her knight, Sir Torbrin, disappeared. It is now six months later and they have not been seen. Rumour has it (at the chapel) that they died in some brave sacrificial act, but no one knows. Initially devastated, Sora is not one to feel sorry for herself and has decided to move on with her life. She too has now left the chapel (at least temporarily) to join an adventuring party, get out into the world, meet new people, see new sights – and find her sister, who she believes is still alive.

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