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Red Hand of Doom Session #5

The account of last night's game featuring the tragic deaths of Grudge and Triumph the Wonder Horse follows. Fortunately, the heated debate about the length of a lance and whether it can be strapped to an adventurer's back has been omitted.

Although I said I'd wait until you'd finished off the defenders of Skull Gorge Bridge before awarding any xp, I figured you might need some to level up prior to next week's session. Experience is 857 xp each which should be enough to advance some of the characters to 6th level.

20th Kythorn (contd)
After a lengthy discussion of the options, Grudge and Moralias charge the hell hound, killing it, and ride across Skull Gorge Bridge. Enzo and Avatea attack Ozyrrandion with spells as the dragon swoops down and breathes, killing Triumph. Jorr fires at the hobgoblins across the gorge, Zacks and Sasay attack the archer in the south-west tower and Vastori attacks the hobgoblin in the south-east one. Once he’s been killed Vastori tries to leap to the next tower but falls off.

Meanwhile Grudge and Moralias are fighting hobgoblins and a hell hound on the north side of the river. Moralias realises he doesn’t have a holster for his lance and has to drop it. When the dragon breathes again, Grudge, already gravely wounded, dies. Moralias falls to 0hp but manages to lay hands on himself just before a hobgoblin can perform a coup de grace on him.

Zacks summons a giant owl and Enzo summons a celestial dog which fight valiantly – the owl even manages to grapple Ozyrrandion for a while before the dragon’s acid breath kills it. Vastori gets himself surrounded yet again. With both hell hounds, six hobgoblins, three horses and one dwarven barbarian dead, the PCs decide to run away to fight another day. Grudge’s body is retrieved and the party legs it into the woods.

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