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Here's what happened in last night's game. No Sharden or El'em, but a big welcome to Margarita, watersoul genasi warlord (played by waynefurmidge).

Each PC gets 531 xp.

20th Maius   
While some of the PCs spend the day shopping for magic items in the Mercantile Quarter, Krivinn heads over the bridge to the Imperial Quarter to visit the Celestial Bastion, the temple of Bahamut in the Grand Ward. Here, he apologises to Orthas, the soylana (master) of the Platinum Knights, for not paying his respects sooner, and presents him with the “Orcus rod” (confiscated from Sharden) and a +1 bastard sword, tripping over his words as he does so. Orthas rewards Krivinn with 100 gp for handing in the rod to be safely locked away or destroyed but isn’t forthcoming with the other 200 gp the dragonborn was looking for. He tells the paladin to come back to the temple when he’s finished questing and is ready to join the Order.

Stay a second night at the Jacinth Harp inn in Aymara Sabban, Maker’s Ward.

21st Maius   
Ella, Gong and Krivinn meet Sreedhar at the Seven Chalices Caravanserai near the Camel Gate. The scholar has bought himself a donkey to ride on but has no camping equipment and neither do the PCs. While Gong and Krivinn buy tents and another donkey, a female watersoul genasi approaches Ella and confesses that she is the real culprit behind the sabotage to Mangesh’s houseboat rather than the nail-stealer. Driven out of Flotsam by the furious Mangesh and his friends, she came to find the PCs here. Ella decides it’s better Margarita comes along with the party so she can keep an eye on her. Before leaving Parsantium, she sends an errand boy to Flotsam with a note to Mangesh explaining she had no part in the genasi’s actions.

Set off for the Feyshore Forest with Sreedhar, passing through farmland on the outskirts of the city.

22nd Maius
Towards the end of the day, the PCs reach the edge of the forest. Here, they are attacked by seven irritating mossy-coloured forest imps which dive bomb the party. As the PCs fight back, arrows fly out of the trees on the south side of the road, fired by three bugbear hunters hiding in the undergrowth. Sreedhar flees down the trail but Krivinn advances on their positions, but blunders straight into a net trap – fortunately he’s able to escape fairly easily. Margarita also moves into melee, using swiftcurrent to get up the ridge where the bugbears are positioned without hassle. Gong dodges a second trap and the PCs are able to finish off imps and bugbears in a hard fought battle.

23rd Maius   

The PCs reach the ruins of Gopura and head through the Elephant Gate into the city. On the other side of the walls, they are attacked by two harpies and four goblins. The harpies use their alluring songs to pull the PCs towards them so they can be attacked with their sharp claws, and their deadly screeches which blast the party with thunder and dazing them. The goblin skullcleaver goes into melee with Krivinn while the warriors throw javelins and the sharpshooter fire arrows from behind the party. Eventually, the PCs take down the harpies and three of the goblins but the archer manages to flee into the trees. Plunder the harpies’ nest.   

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