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Here's what happened in this afternoon's session:

17th Maius
The PCs return to the tunnels of the Hidden Quarter, battling a small hive of kruthiks and finding a brooch of no regrets in their lair. After an hour of wandering, the party arrives at a dead end where an iron step ladder climbs to a trapdoor. Hrothgar goes up first and listens – he can hear conversation in a foreign language above. He picks the lock on the door and returns to the others. Next, Sora goes up, trying to be stealthy. Unfortunately, she’s spotted as she lifts up the trapdoor and is attacked by Jagadish who is in the room along with Mr Wang’s bodyguard, Lo Chong (who gets mistaken for his master). The others hurry up the ladder and enter the fray as Jagadish and Chong are reinforced by the arrival of the real Elias Wang and his pet visejaw crocodile. Ulthar attacks the crocodile as it grabs Juma in its jaws and is attacked in turn by Lo Chong. Juma escapes the crocodile using swiftcurrent and joins Sora in attacking Jagadish as Hrothgar charges Mr Wang who has appeared right next to Gilgarran. The eladrin tries to leap over the water to get out the way but ends up falling in. Juma throws his sword around the room but misses everybody as Gil casts flaming sphere and Hrothgar falls into the water unconscious after being struck by Mr Wang’s fiery bolt, the warlock’s insults ringing in his ears. Ulthar is able to save Hrothgar with an inspiring word and then the tide of the battle turns. The PCs kill first Jagadish and the crocodile, and then Lo Chong. Wang makes one last attack and then disappears.

The PCs search the two rooms, finding some incriminating papers and treasure in Wang’s footlocker. Heading through the door, they go round the boardwalk and find a secret door into the old, rotting ship tied up at the end. Hrothgar and Juma go inside once illumination is sorted to the camp genasi's satisfaction ("I can't see a thing! Light please!"). They are attacked by five drain spiders – the gnoll barbarian fights from the top of a crate as the arachnids scuttle about flanking the PCs and inflicting nasty poisonous bites. Once the spiders are dead, Hrothgar climbs up to the cabin above where there’s another spider (soon killed). Juma heads outside onto the deck and promptly falls through the rotten planks back down below. Deciding they’re in need of an extended rest, the party steal the two rowboats and row back to their houseboat, being sure to paint out the red fish symbols emblazoned on the sides when they arrive.

Visit the Water Boys and talk to Girish who gives them their reward for bringing Ashna’s killer to justice. He tells them that Zeno owns a lot of waterfront brothels and taverns in the Poor Ward, and that the Golden Scimitars are a big criminal organization, running illegal activities in the Old Quarter. Sell treasure and buy gear, then rest, ready to return to the Old Fishery that night.

Quote of the Session (on the schizophrenic Juma-Ji'ad): "He's either Charles Bronson or Charles Hawtrey."


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May. 17th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
Ah, that reminds me - now we have some time to sit down and do it, Gong will go through the paperwork we have confiscated over the last couple of, ahem, "self defence incidents"!
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