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Lands of Intrigue: Final Session

We played our last session of The Banewarrens and the Lands of Intrigue campaign today which kb98  and I started playing in 2004. This was a very enjoyable campaign that blended the Forgotten Realms with Ptolus and featured material from Arcana Unearthed, the Complete Book of Eldritch Might, the Book of Nine Swords and many other 3.x sources.

19th Uktar (contd)

As the PCs head back through the Banewarrens closing doors, they are attacked by two draudnu demons summoned by the cursed diamond rings Alessandra is carrying. As Avach and Alessandra are pinned to the ground by the demons’ hooked spikes, Lyman launches spell after spell at the loathsome obyriths as Karim dodges their attacks but succumbs to form of madness and is sickened at the thought of something growing inside him. Both spellcasters deal enough damage to destroy the foul creatures and Alessandra and Avach are freed, not without effort. Alessandra casts break enchantment to try and rid herself of the demonic curse, without success.

Return to the city above and go to the House of the Firehair where Sapphira casts heal on Karim to cure his insanity. The heartwarder is not able to remove the curse on Alessandra so the PCs head to the House of the Dutiful. There, they hand the sword of lies to Sister Mara in exchange for 20,000 gp. The archbishop Adlan Theobold casts remove curse on Alessandra, successfully.

20th Uktar  
Receive a sending from Jevicca Nor. Awkward meeting at the Ghostly Minstrel where she denies having anything to do with the Inverted Pyramid’s attempts to seal the Banewarrens with the PCs inside or with Avach’s mental programming.

Head back to the Banewarrens and speak to Saggarintys to see how he and Geristanomos are getting on with repairing the broken warding generator.

21st Uktar   
The warding generator is complete and the PCs use the sealing rod to seal the Banewarrens. Alessandra casts a number of spells to protect Lyman and the others. As the others stand well back, the wizard touches the staff of shards to the Banewarrens key. There is a rainbow-coloured flash of light as the key turns to dust and the staff breaks into three pieces again. When the dust settles, Lyman has vanished! The party pick up the three bits of the staff and head to the House of the Dutiful where they get the archbishop to cast discern location. The cleric’s spell reveals that Lyman is in the Baku’s Graveyard on Dothion in the Twin Paradises of Bytopia. The PCs plane shift to Bytopia with Sister Mara and Kalerecent in tow where they rescue the comatose Lyman from the graveyard, battling a baku and two treants.

29th Uktar   
Lyman wakes up from his coma. The PCs are invited to dine at Castle Shard.

30th Uktar   
At Castle Shard, the PCs dine with Lord Zavere, Lady Rill, Moynath Autumnsong of the Inverted Pyramid and the flirtacious female satyr Narasha. The party explains that they’ve sealed the Banewarrens and dealt with Navanna Civulteq. Lord Zavere thanks them but advises them to leave the city – when Lord Exar learns who killed his daughter, he is sure to come after the PCs, hungersword in hand.


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May. 5th, 2009 04:59 pm (UTC)
Sad farewell
It was a good sendoff for the 3.5 characters although I was devastated they had to leave the city! Hopefully either they or another party will get to visit it again sometime. Go on, you know you want to.
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