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Black Horse Parsantium Campaign Session #13

Here's what happened in last night's game; each PC gets 430 xp, taking Sharden to 3rd level and everyone else to 4th. Next session: heading for the Feyshore Forest with Sreedhar.

19th Maius (contd)

The PCs search Elias Wang’s bedroom using El’em’s mage hand. They find several incriminating papers and some treasure inside his footlocker. The papers include Captain Gnash’s schedule, a price list for slaves, details of businesses paying protection money to the Dockside Crew and a letter from someone called Zeno. Under a rug, the party find a trapdoor leading down into the Hidden Quarter. Having searched the Fishery, Krivinn and El’em decide to set it on fire.

Afterwards, Gong and Ella go to see the Water Boys. Gong explains what he thinks happened to Ashna and that the PCs have brought her killer to justice. Girish gives the party a silver necklace bearing the symbol of Bahamut as a reward. Meanwhile, Krivinn and El’em go to the Dock Ward’s City Watch station in search of Sgt Saurish. He’s not there but the disinterested watchman on duty points them in the direction of Orloch’s slum tenement. Here they find Saurish and Krivinn explains that the PCs were the ones who dealt with Orloch and his organization “in self defence”. The sergeant tells them members of the Golden Scimitars are known to frequent Fahil’s Floating Palace in the Poor Ward.
Next, the PCs go to see Jagadamba – she doesn’t really know anything useful about the criminal gangs of the Old Quarter but she does sell the PCs some potions and buys the gold bowl inscribed with demons for 100 gold bezants. Krivinn and Sharden argue about Madame Zeboltha’s Orcus-topped rod until the old witch asks them to leave.

The PCs gather their belongings from their houseboat and get ready to leave the city, with a Tenser’s floating disk on hand to carry their gear. Ella buys a net on a pole for Mangesh to catch the nail stealer and leaves him a “helpful” note. As they head for an inn away from Flotsam, they are attacked by the Golden Scimitar: six armed attackers and a spitting drake. El’em and Sharden are able to deal with three of the men pretty handily with their spells and prayers. Meanwhile, Mehmed the swashbuckler and Ziper the berserker move in to flank Krivinn, while the drake spits at Gong and Ella and the leader of the gang directs his men’s attacks. Towards the end of the battle, Mehmed switches his attentions to Gong while under Krivinn’s divine challenge and collapses dead as a result! When the PCs kill Ziper and the drake, the Golden Scimitars leader runs away, but not before El’em lands a hefty blow with his quarterstaff.

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