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Dulwich Parsantium Campaign: Third Session

Here's what happened in this afternoon's game. Each PC gets 250 xp to bring you all to 2nd level!

8th Maius (contd)

Sell loot in Girik’s Three Coins and buy gear in Bilal’s Blades and Harold’s Hole. Hrothgar takes umbrage at Harold asking for his name and place of residence but buys a climber’s kit anyway. Run into Ashna on the docks who arranges for a couple of the Water Boys to take the PCs to see Jagadamba to buy potions. Ulthar asks her about the statue of Kali the PCs found and if she knows of any Kali cults – she doesn’t. Gil elects to have his palm read (costing 10 gp) and learns that he will have a heroic future as long as he “beware(s) the creature that lurks in the river in the dark”.

Later that evening the PCs ask around about Vitalius but find out little more than that he handles smuggled goods and is “ratty-looking”. He seems to have been keeping a low profile recently.

10th Maius

Gil manages to shake off his filth fever at last.

16th Maius
The PCs are on the Fat Grouper and witness Ashna’s body being pulled out of the water by a fisherman. When Girish appears asking for help and offering a silver necklace as a reward, the party go to the Water Boys houseboat. There, they examine the body and talk to the orphans about Ashna’s movements in the days leading up to her death. Ashna has been strangled – the mark of the thuggee! They are allowed to look through the girl’s meagre belongings which include a charcoal sketch of a pelican and a greenstone carving of a hippo. Juma dives into the Dolphin Strait looking for clues under the water but finds nothing of interest.

Heading back to dry land, the PCs ask questions in the Black Dolphin’s Wake: learning about the “Gentlemen” who smuggle goods through the Old Docks, disappearing longshoremen and a large bearded Sahasran man wearing a turban who was asking about Ashna. Gil tells anyone who’ll listen that the “Juma Gang” is in town and they’re very hard. Next, the PCs go to Girik’s to show him the greenstone hippo – the dwarf doesn’t think there’s anything that remarkable about it but he does tell the PCs about a pelican symbol painted on a wall nearby. Gil asks him if he’s heard of the Juma Gang and Juma says “Mr Wang is going to get it!”. Ulthar gives Girik a silver piece and asks him to forget the Juma Gang conversation.

As the PCs make their way through the Fish Market to the pelican house, nine thuggee attack. Ulthar finds himself being strangled by their leader (Ashna’s killer?) as the rest of the party are flanked. Gil uses his fey step to get on a rooftop to stay out of trouble as the others drop six of the thugs. The leader, Jagadish, and another thuggee escape but Ulthar is able to knock the last one standing unconscious to be interrogated by Sora and Hrothgar. When he proves immune to their questioning, Juma slits his throat.

At the pelican house, Hrothgar picks the lock on the door and steps inside, triggering a pendulum blade trap which knocks him for six. The others try and smash the trap to stop it swinging; it’s Gil that delivers the killer blow despite Ulthar’s scepticism that a wizard can wield a sword effectively. Inside the house the PCs find manacles on the wall, a cryptic note and a trapdoor leading down into the Hidden Quarter. At the bottom there are two sets of tracks, heading south and north-east. Lighting a sunrod, the PCs follow the north-east tracks, marking their route by scratching “J” on the walls. As the party comes round a corner, they run into two dark creepers and their shadowhunter bat allies. Hrothgar attacks with swift panther rage, killing one bat outright, then charges a dark creeper. Juma and Sora mark a dark creeper each but the horrid little humanoids are hard to hit. Eventually, the PCs slay both creepers but the second bat escapes.

Deciding they need to rest, the PCs head back the way they came to the surface. On the dockside, they meet Tew Pennyfeather who gives them some useful information about Orloch and Captain Gnash after being threatened by the party fighters.


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Apr. 19th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
Bernard the Strangler
I've only just noticed that the picture of the mysterious and murderous 'J' is actually the spitting image of Bernard Bresslaw in Carry On Up The Khyber:


In which case I think that 'Mr Wang' is really Kenneth Williams, Jagadamba is Hattie Jacques, Vitalius is Sid James and Juma is Charles Hawtrey.
Apr. 20th, 2009 05:41 am (UTC)
Re: Bernard the Strangler
LOL! He's meant to look like this guy.
Juma does sound like Charles Hawtrey though.
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