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[sticky post] Parsantium: City at the Crossroads

Please visit parsantium.com, for the latest news and information on Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, my city setting for all editions of D&D and Pathfinder.

You can buy Parsantium in PDF and print online at drivethrurpg.com, paizo.com, amazon.co.uk, amazon.com and d20pfsrd.com.

Here’s what happened in last night’s game in which the PCs finally killed their first dragon.

1st Hammer, 1491 DR

The PCs spend the day buying potions and other gear in Waterdeep.

2nd Hammer

The PCs attend the Second Council of Waterdeep. This time round there are two new attendees - Laeral Silverhand, the new Open Lord of Waterdeep, and a human woman named Elia, who later reveals herself to be a polymorphed silver dragon.

The PCs give their reports to the council. Gwastdyn tells them how the party tracked Varram the White down to the Tomb of Diderius in the Serpent Hills and battled yuan-ti as they searched for the Wyrmspeaker but were unable to stop him from being killed by the snake people’s priestess and did not recover the White Dragon Mask. Remallia Haventree of the Harpers and Connerad Brawnanvil of the dwarves both seem unimpressed that they were unable to interrogate Varram or speak with his dead spirit.

Next, Turin reports on the PCs’ trip to the Sea of Moving Ice. The bard waxes lyrical on the party’s bravery in battling the dragon and his intellectual ice toad servants, as well as how they rescued Maccath the Crimson and returned her to the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan along with her evil books. This impresses almost all of the council members - even the dwarf - but Ontharr Frume of the Order of the Gauntlet is concerned about the motivations of the Brotherhood.

Once the PCs have finished their reports, Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave tells the party he would like them to investigate raids by the cult on elven villages in the Misty Forest. A green dragon has been sighted and Delaan thinks it could be working with another wyrmspeaker.

Then Elia addresses the council, revealing that she is the silver dragon Otaaryliakkarnos and that the metallic dragons of Faerûn have heard the Draakhorn sound. She asks the PCs to come to a meeting with the dragons in the Nether Mountains when they return from the Misty Forest.

As the PCs go to leave the council, Ontharr Frume takes Ug to one side and tells him that he’s been promoted within the Order of the Gauntlet to the rank of marcheon.

3rd Hammer

The PCs use the teleportation circle in Castle Waterdeep to travel to Daggerford, and then set off down the road to the forest.

5th Hammer

Late in the day, the PCs encounter a grim jester on the road. Crake and Gwastdyn both succumb to its killing joke, with Crake reduced to 0 hp and dying after failing his second saving throw. Turin tries to heal the rogue but the jester uses ridicule hope to make the cure spell damage him instead. Ug tries out his new sorcerer spells rather than closing in melee and Turin hangs back too, allowing the grim jester to cast delayed blast fireball. When Turin dispels the spell, the fireball detonates. Then, the jester uses joker’s shuffle to switch places with Turin and Ug is tricked into attacking the bard rather than the jester. Gwastdyn turns himself into an air elemental but realises “Turin” is really the jester and vice versa. With all three PCs attacking it, the jester is destroyed, with Turin inflicting the killing blow.

The PCs have a short rest and Crake is back on his feet. By this time it’s getting late, and the party decide to camp by the roadside. Unfortunately they aren’t paying close attention to what’s going on and don’t spot the dragon cultists sneaking up on their campsite, or the young blue dragon swooping down through the air.

The cultists and dragon attack with surprise, with both the blue dragon and the half-dragon warrior among them breathing lightning on the PCs. Gwastdyn wild shapes into an air elemental again and flies up to engage the dragon while the others battle cultists on the ground. Turin goes unconscious a couple of times, Crake goes down to 3 hp and Gwastdyn is forced out of wild shape. Even Ug’s health drops alarmingly as the cultists score multiple critical hits as they demand the PCs hand over the Black Dragon Mask.

When Crake takes down two dragonwings, the tide starts to turn in the PCs’ favour and the cultists start to flee. Ug kills the half-dragon and Crake shoots the dragon with his last arrow of slaying, then Gwastdyn casts ice storm, killing the wyrm. Two cultists manage to escape but the adventurers are victorious.

Here’s what happened in last night’s session. Each PC gains enough experience to reach 10th level.

17th Nightal (contd.)

The PCs spend some time coming up with a plan for the assault on Arauthator’s lair, before deciding to scout out the chute leading down from the Scriptorium. Gwastdyn wild shapes into an arctic tern and flies down the tunnel but soon realises the cavern is dark and he cannot see. He returns to the upper level, changes into a snowy owl, and flies back down. When he emerges into the dragon’s lair, he dodges a net of magical force that has been launched at him through the icy mists. Deciding caution is the better part of valour, he rejoins the others.

Back in the Scriptorium, the druid rests to recover his wild shape ability, then summons four ice mephits. The PCs drink potions of cold resistance and walk down the chute, sure-footed with their crampons on. One nervous mephit is sent into the cave, while Ug and Turin approach the end of the chute and peer out. Suddenly a cloud of freezing fog engulfs them. Rosie secures a rope and the two warriors climb down as fast as they can, followed by Rosie and Crake. Ug misjudges where the icy ledge ends and falls off. As the adventurers move out of the fog, Arauthator casts fireball, catching them in its blast.

Gwastdyn and the mephits come down to join the others as the PCs scatter to avoid bunching up in a group. Arauthator appears, terrifying Turin (and the most cowardly mephit) with his frightful presence. The bard remains traumatised by this for the whole of the battle. Rosie hits the dragon with her eldritch blast, and Ug lands a couple of good blows before Old White Death knocks him down with his wings and flies off. On its next pass, Arauthator breathes on the PCs, and sends jagged pieces of ice down from the cavern ceiling to strike the adventurers.

As the PCs look to Gwastdyn for healing, Arauthator raises a wall of ice between Ug and the others, then flies down to attack the paladin. Crake, up on an icy ridge, seizes his chance and shoots the dragon with an arrow of slaying, striking true. Ug smites the wyrm with his axe, inflicting serious damage, and the dragon flies into the mists.

Old White Death hasn’t given up, though. It casts a second fireball at the PCs, taking Turin down to 3 hp, then attacks Ug again, reducing him to zero hit points. This doesn’t stop the half-orc who fights on for another round, supported by Rosie. Ug’s powerful blows are enough and Arauthator flees, diving into an icy pool to escape. Turin rushes over and heals the dying paladin.

The PCs look into the pool that the dragon dived into and think they can see a tunnel leading into the sea. Gwastdyn wildshapes into a polar bear and swims down to confirm this. The PCs rest and recover, eating plenty of goodberries, then start plundering the treasure in the lair, chipping it out of the ice.

Maccath the Crimson gathers up the diabolical tomes in the Scriptorium to take back to the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan. The PCs find a number of spell scrolls here which they divide between them, and also take Marfulb’s writings on the natural history of the Sea of Moving Ice.

The Ice Hunters thank the PCs for driving off Old White Death and give them some of their best fermented fish in gratitude. They don’t hang about for a celebratory feast, though - instead, they get into their kayaks and paddle off as fast as they can.

18th Nightal

The Frostskimmr sets sail for Luskan. Ug insists on throwing one of the evil-looking books overboard so Maccath gives him one of the less rare volumes to satisfy his eccentric religious principles.

20th Nightal

Three white abishai devils swoop down onto the deck of the Frostskimmr and attack the PCs. They prove hard to kill but are no match for the adventurers. They deduce they must be after the infernal tomes on board.

22nd Nightal

The Frostskimmr arrives in Luskan, delivering Maccath the Crimson and the stolen books to the Hosttower of the Arcane. Perhaps the Arcane Brotherhood may help in the coming battles with the Cult of the Dragon?

30th Nightal

The Frostskimmr arrives back in Waterdeep, in time for the Second Council.

Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 2,456 xp.

16th Nightal (contd.)

Turin, Crake and Ug continue to explore the caverns, joined by Gwastdyn. The dwarf druid cures the coughing disease of Mend-nets, the ice hunter lying beneath a heap of rugs in the entrance chamber.

Next the PCs enter the ice toads’ workplace – here, the bizarre creatures are carving writings into the walls and inscribing information onto parchments and stone tablets. Turin chats to Marfulb, their leader and seneschal of Oyaviggaton, but when she sends a toad to fetch the kobolds, Ug attacks. The ice toads fight back, surrounding the PCs and grabbing hold of them so they cannot escape their icy auras. Crake kills Marfulb, then Turin casts compulsion to send most of the toads to the far end of the chamber. Gwastdyn traps four of them behind a wall of fire, and the party finish off the others.

When Gwastdyn dismisses the wall, there is no sign of any ice toads. Turin heads further into the cave but he still can’t see them through the mist and snow. He mimes “elf lost in snow” to his companions and returns to the others. Everyone is badly wounded but Gwastdyn says “it doesn’t feel like time for a mass cure”. “Get your hit points out!” insists Turin, and the druid relents.

Heading back into the main corridor, the PCs run into a group of kobolds. The little humanoids turn to flee but their escape route is cut off by a pack of wolves summoned by Gwastdyn. One of the kobolds gets lucky with a sling shot, disrupting the dwarf’s concentration, and the wolves disappear. This gives the kobolds false hope as the PCs close in and cut them all down.

The party continue to explore the side rooms leading off the corridor. Crake sneaks into one large chamber and spots a frost giant. He returns to the others to report and Gwastdyn casts comprehend languages so he’ll be able to understand what the giant says in response to Turin’s mimes. They all enter the room, realising that the giant is frozen stiff when they get closer. There are several kobolds in here but they manage to slip out through the fog.

After defeating an ice troll they explore Arauthator’s trophy room. Gwastdyn has wild-shaped into a rhinoceros which is perhaps not the most agile of animal forms. He crashes into the longship in the centre of the room, disturbing the treasure in the chest on its deck. Turin casts fly, flies up to the ship and starts removing gold and jewels from the chest. Two more ice trolls appear but the PCs deal with them without too much trouble and plunder the treasure.

They take another short rest. Gwastdyn still has his comprehend languages spell running for a while so he returns to the ice toads workplace and studies their mysterious writings. The scrolls in here provide a comprehensive record of the Sea of Moving Ice and a chronicle of Old White Death’s exploits. The dwarf takes a few scrolls.

Maccath the Crimson

Passing through an empty chamber, the PCs climb a slope to Maccath the Crimson’s quarters, and kill the ice troll lurking just inside the entrance to the cavern. Ug leads the way into the tiefling’s makeshift tent which stands in the middle of the cave. After Ug tells the wizard they are here to kill Arauthator, she provides some useful information on the dragon’s lair, as well as a ring of cold resistance and two arrows of slaying. She also explains the origin of the Draakhorn – it is a signalling device for chromatic dragons, fashioned from the horn of Tiamat’s ancient red dragon consort, Ephelemon.

The PCs have a long rest to recover their strength before facing Old White Death.

Here’s what happened in last night’s session of Rise of Tiamat in which the PCs sailed through the Sea of Moving Ice and entered the ice caves inside Oyaviggaton. Each PC gets 3,537 xp.

12th Nightal, 1490 DR (contd.)

The crew of the Frostskimmr haul the longship onto the ice for the night. Crake scouts around the campsite, invisible and flying, after Rosie spots tracks in the ice. Three scrags attack the party’s snow shelter and have to be dealt with.

13th Nightal

The fin of a giant shark is spotted in the water. Ug tries to dominate the fish using his trident of fish command without success.

Later, as the party and crew are getting ready to spend the night on the ice again, they spot an ice hunter running towards them being pursued by a polar bear. Rosie, Turin and Crake bring down the bear with spells and arrows, saving the hunter. He is clearly very grateful but doesn’t speak Common but Turin manages to communicate with him using the power of mime, and Rosie’s comprehend languages spell allows the PCs to learn the rough location of Arauthator’s lair, Oyaviggaton.

14th Nightal

Stormy winds nearly blow Rosie overboard into the freezing water.

15th Nightal

A group of ice hunters in khyeks are spotted. They paddle away rapidly as the Frostskimmr approaches, losing the PCs’ ship among the ice floes. However, Turin’s sharp eyes spot the distinctive shape of Oyaviggaton in the distance.

Spending the night on the water for once, the Frostskimmr comes under attack from two giant octopuses. One of the sailors is snatched overboard and eaten, and Ug is also grabbed. The paladin uses his trident to command the octopus to put him back on the deck and then orders it to swim away. Rosie casts hold monster on the other one, and Crake slays it with an impressive critical hit.

16th Nightal

The Frostskimmr approaches the iceberg of Oyaviggaton, sailing past the ledge used by the ice hunters to moor their boats. Rosie casts water walk on the party and the PCs double back, arriving on the ledge. They climb the icy stairs to the top of the plateau – Turin casts fog cloud to mask their arrival.

Peering out from the cloud, Crake spots ten corpses frozen into the icy wall of a ridge. He sneaks along the ridge and looks round – he can dimly make out a village through the drifting snow. As Turin also approaches, the village’s husky dogs start to bark and a crowd of ice hunters appears.

An awkward conversation follows between the PCs and Barking Seal, the leader of the ice hunters. The tribe do not appear to be dragon cultists as the PCs suspected, but they are very wary of the party and the atmosphere is tense. Some of the ice hunters move around behind them to cut off the adventurers' retreat while others slip away to the large meeting hall.

To break the deadlock Ug agrees to fight the tribal champion Orcaheart. The ice hunter stabs the half-orc several times with his spear but Ug fights back strongly and takes him down. Despite the ban on magic, Orcaheart is healed surreptitiously by the shaman Bonecarver, and Turin uses a healing word on Ug. During the battle an invisible Crake sneaks off to the meeting hall and spots a hole in the floor leading down inside the iceberg.

Ug is declared the winner and the PCs are grudgingly shown to a storage hut where they can spend the night. Bonecarver brings them fermented fish to eat but no one is keen. When she returns later, Rosie tries a different tack and gets her to open up – the ice hunters are in fear of Arauthator and cannot leave the island. She tells the PCs that the white dragon is served by kobold, ice toads and ice trolls.

That night, the PCs climb down the chute from Bonecarver’s hut. Ug goes first, slips, and plummets down the last 60 feet, getting pretty bashed up in the process. Exploring the ice caves with their bold paladin in the lead, the party enter a den full of kobolds and massacre them. Three escape, fleeing through the junk room and larder and back out into the circular corridor.

The PCs pursue, again with Ug at the lead. In the entrance chamber they find a shivering ice hunter under a pile of furs. No one is able to cure his pneumonia-like illness so they pull the furs back over him and set off after the kobolds again.

Seeing the little humanoids run down a side corridor, Ug slides down after them, arriving feet first in a large misty chamber between two ice trolls! Reduced to 1hp, Ug battles bravely on, as the other PCs arrive to help him out. Turin casts compulsion to send the trolls to the far end of the room, allowing the party time to divide and conquer. Rosie’s hold monster spell, Turin’s fiery blade, Crake’s sneak attacks and criticals, and Ug’s trusty slash win through. The PCs return to the larder for a short rest.

Here’s what happened in last night’s eventful game in which Rosie finally got her revenge on the mutinous crew of the Merman’s Cock. Each PC gets 2,425 xp.

30th Marpenoth (contd.)

The PCs interrrogate the captured yuan-ti malison, Mek-Ssss who promises them group’s hidden treasure and safe passage out of the tomb if they are prepared to let him and the young hatchlings live. The party decide they wish to consult the Pool of Divination to find out what has happened to the White Dragon Mask and quiz Mek-Ssss about the necessary sacrifices needed. After a couple of near misses involving Ug, the party gets back across the chasm bridge to the pool chamber. Ug and Turin fill the pool from the well and Rosie throws her Book of Shadows into the water as a sacrifice while Crake averts his eyes.

The pool shows Rosie the caldera of a volcano many hundreds of miles away – an army is massing on the steep sides of the volcano while chromatic dragons fly over ahead. The view heads inside a lava tube and Rosie sees a purple-clad Wyrmspeaker with a small red dragon on his shoulder holding the White Dragon Mask. As the vision fades, Rosie is left shaken by what she has experienced.

Ready to leave, the PCs head back across the bridge to the yuan-ti temple where Mek-Ssss reveals a secret passage leading down into a treasure chamber and out beyond the tomb’s entrance. Ug goes first, taking the treasure. When they realise it is not a trap, the others follow. Mek-Ssss closes the trapdoor behind them.

That night, as Rosie goes to reconstruct her Book of Shadows away from the camp, the madness of the Pool descends on her and she wanders aimlessly in the hills for a while. When she snaps out of it, she can’t remember where she is. Confused, she wanders back to complete the ritual to restore her tome.

30th Uktar

The PCs arrive back in Waterdeep. Ug visits the House of Wonder, giving the circlet of seven serpents to Jelkar Feldspear. He agrees to pledge his allegiance to Mystra and the Knights of Mystic Fire. Later the party meet with Dala Silmerhelve and agree to head north to the Sea of Moving Ice to try and find out what happened to Maccath the Crimson and the Draakhorn. Dala tells the PCs she does not belong to any of the five factions but that a “benefactor” of her house is keen for the party to complete the mission.

Feast of the Moon

The PCs attend Ug’s inauguration ceremony into the Knights of Mystic Fire. She wears a new dress for the occasion. As the ceremony is completed, her battle axe glows with pink mystic fire.

1st Nightal

Having purchased winter clothing, snowshoes, climbing kits and crampons, the PCs set sail for the Sea of Moving Ice in the Frostskimmr, a longship captained by Lerustah Half-face.

7th Nightal

As the Frostskimmr nears Luskan, it comes under attack from the pirates of the Merman’s Cock – Rosie’s old ship. From up in the crow’s nest the warlock can see her mutinous former crew mates on deck – the captain Ching Shih, Queen Leutia, Sadie the Goat, Back From the Dead Red, The Lioness and Sayyida al Hurra. They are joined by a dragonfang from the Cult of the Dragon and a bare-chested tattooed male kraken priest who begins summoning a storm cloud as the pirate ship closes fast, firing its ballista and killing one of the Frostskimmr’s crew.

Rosie casts hunger of Hadar on the ballista crew as the Frostskimmr gets ready to repel boarders. Then, the kraken priest calls lightning down on the warlock, striking her and disrupting her concentration. Ug misty steps over to the Cock; Turin, Rosie and Crake swing across on ropes.

Turin casts compulsion to send half of the pirate leaders over to the other side of the deck. Meanwhile, a fanatical pirate dives in front of Rosie’s eldritch blast to save Chinh Shih from being hit. The captain closes with Rosie in melee and cuts her down. Fortunately Turin is on hand with a healing word and again when Back from the Dead Red takes her down a second time! Ug engages the kraken priest in close combat, killing him – the paladin is hasted and his AC 23 proves hard (but not impossible!) for the pirates to hit. Crake battles the dragonfang who hurls orbs of fire at him but the rogue is able to take him down with his fancy footwork and sneak attacks. Turin comes under attack from Sadie the Goat and The Lioness but is able to cast shatter to destroy the ballista and its crew.

With the kraken priest dead, Ug turns his slash, now glowing pink, onto Chinh Shih and Sayyida al Hurra. Crake cuts down Queen Leutia as the battle starts to turn in the PCs’ favour. When Ug kills the captain and Sayyida al Hurra, the surviving pirates surrender.

Rosie kills Back From the Dead Red in cold blood and threatens to kill the other two if they don’t explain why the crew mutinied against Anya Ogre-Teeth. Sadie the Goat’s explanation that the Cult of the Dragon offered them money to betray Anya enrages the warlock, and it looks like the “par-lay” is about to come to an abrupt and violent end. Turin moves to attack Sadie, his sword drawn, babbling something about daughters, mothers and half-orcs. Ug casts hold person to stop him and order is restored. Turin seems to have gone the wrong end of the stick about something but no one is sure exactly what set him off.

Sadie the Goat and The Lioness are tied up; the other surviving pirates are allowed to join the depleted crew of the Frostskimmr. The PCs search the Merman’s Cock’s hold, finding a chest of treasure and a trident of fish command which Ug attunes to.

As darkness falls, Rosie throws Sadie the Goat overboard, tied to the corpse of Chinh Shih. She doesn’t survive long. As she starts setting the Merman’s Cock on fire, Ug rescues the Lioness who is still locked in the brig. She is dragged over to the Frostskimmr and chained to an oar.

12th Nightal

The Frostskimmr reaches the Sea of Moving Ice. A group of ice hunters are spotted on an ice floe, hunting seals. When Captain Lerustah calls out to them in greeting, they get into their khyeks and paddle off to the northeast – odd behaviour, according to the captain. The PCs sail after them but lose them among the ice floes.

As the day wears on, The Lioness reveals that the Cult of the Dragon knew the PCs were heading for the Sea of Moving Ice and ordered the Merman’s Cock to intercept them. Is there a mole at the Council of Waterdeep?

Here’s what happened in Saturday's game. For tracking down Varram the White, the PCs earn enough xp to reach 9th level.

29th Marpenoth (contd.)

As the PCs rest inside Leomund’s tiny hut, dozens of snakes pour from the holes in the walls and surround the magical shelter. Rosie lights a campfire inside the hut, and Turin gets ready to cast compulsion when the warlock dispels the spell.

But the adventurers hadn’t noticed their enemies sneaking up on them. As the hut vanishes, the door swings open and a yuan-ti nightmare speaker casts hunger of Dendar plunging the room into unnatural darkness. Fortunately, Turin is able to dispel it, then Rosie casts counterspell to foil the yuan-ti’s next spell.

Battle is joined – the PCs are surrounded by lizardfolk, yuan-ti and swarms of poisonous snakes. Crake skips out of the circle to duel the nightmare speaker and one of the malisons. Gwastdyn turns into a bear and Turin casts compulsion in an attempt to force their foes out of the room and over the slippery chasm bridge. He manages to move the nightmare speaker into the corridor before losing concentration, but this allows Ug to use his misty step and take her on in single combat. The paladin kills the yuan-ti just after she takes down Rosie with her eldritch blasts. Meanwhile, Gwastdyn has been forced out of bear form. He casts call woodland beings, summoning 8 azza gremlins, and swings his shillelagh into one of the malisons, crushing his skull. Turin’s healing word brings round the unconscious Crake who has succumbed to the poisonous snakes.

Finally, the PCs are victorious, and they’ve managed to take one of the lizardfolk alive. Draconic-speaker Turin interrogates their captive who tells them he is the only survivor of the yuan-ti’s lizardfolk slaves. They let him go.

After briefly checking out the yuan-ti sleeping quarters behind the door, they all get some much needed healing from Ug. Rosie casts Leomund’s tiny hut again and the PCs hole up for a long rest.

30th Marpenoth

An invisible Crake scouts ahead and finds the yuan-ti temple. Rosie communicates with the rogue via message and the others attempt to sneak up to join him. Ug and Gwastdyn are as noisy as usual and the yuan-ti inside the temple are alerted. The abomination priestess is holding a dragontooth dagger to Varram's neck. She calls out to the PCs, telling them she is prepared to negotiate. True to form, Ug charges in and the priestess cuts Varram’s throat.

Turin follows Ug into the temple, casting shatter and then fear, with Crake hot on his heels. Gwastdyn summons a pack of wolves, then retreats to the corridor to join Rosie. A second abomination enters the corridor to attack the dwarf who wild shapes into a rhinoceros.

After a fast and furious battle, there is just one yuan-ti malison left standing. He surrenders to the PCs. Ug grabs the priestess' circlet of seven serpents - this is the magic item he needs to bring back to the House of Wonder in Waterdeep.
Here’s what happened in last night’s game. No Ug this time, but Rosie returned. Each PC gets 1,650 xp.

29th Marpenoth (contd.)

Just before the party heads through the secret door, Rosie steps onto the dais to examine Diderius’ sarcophagus. The wizard’s booming voice warns her: “Leave me to my rest or face your doom!”. She decides to join the others at the entrance to the humid, slimy corridor heading towards the yuan-ti enclave.

Crake scouts ahead and spots a group of brown-skinned lizardfolk with strange green markings ahead. Battle is joined and the PCs are able to take them out easily with swords, clubs and hunger of Hadar. Beyond the entry chamber a set of stairs lead down to a slime-covered stone bridge over a dark pit. As Gwastdyn descends the steps, a sibilant voice calls from up ahead, telling him Rosie is really a yuan-ti agent and should be dealt with. The dwarf resists, and summons a pair of giant spiders on the bridge to attack the lizard folk and yuan-ti malisons on the other side. Rosie casts hunger of Hadar again to surround their enemies in alien darkness.

Then, Turin and Gwastdyn hatch a cunning plan to get safely across – Gwastdyn ties a rope around one of the giant spiders and Turin casts levitation. The spider walks across the bridge, pulling Turin along. Unfortunately, the bard succumbs to a suggestion from one of the yuan-ti to stop concentrating on his levitation spell and let go of the rope. He falls but luckily manages to catch hold of the edge of the bridge and stop himself plummeting to his doom.


Next, Gwastdyn wild shapes into a giant owl and flies Crake and Rosie across while the yuan-ti and lizardfolk finish off the giant spiders. Turin hauls himself on to the bridge and crosses over to the far side where he finds himself surrounded as enemy reinforcements arrive. One of the yuan-ti suggests the elf runs back across the bridge – he fails a second Wisdom saving throw and ends up clinging on for dear life again. The same thing happens to Rosie who then spends several rounds trying (and failing) to climb up. Turin’s enhance ability and minor image* don’t seem to help her much. Crake fires arrows into the lizardfolk, thinning their ranks, and Gwastdyn summons two packs of wolves but it’s his reluctantly cast thornwhip cantrip that eventually finishes off their last opponent.


Low on hit points and spells, the PCs try to find somewhere to have a short rest. No one wants to go back over the perilous bridge so the only alternative is to press on. Gwastdyn sends the wolves into a side corridor, followed by an invisible Rosie. Up ahead, arrows fly up from a sunken chamber, killing two wolves.

Returning to the others, Rosie and the wolves climb the stairs to the diamond-shaped meditation chamber. Here, snakes pour out of holes in the walls, and fill two suits of armour, animating them as “snake horrors”. Rosie retreats and Gwastdyn casts wall of fire across the room, damaging the horrors. They move forward to attack Turin and take him down. Rosie saves him with spare the dying but he goes down again soon afterwards and she has to do it again. Turin is saved but is babbling incoherently. Gwastdyn changes to bear form and shoves one of the horrors back into the fiery wall, but they are hard to damage – Turin’s shatter and Rosie’s eldritch blast do nothing. Rosie even resorts to setting fire to Frulam Mondath's robes so she can cast control flame on them. Finally, Crake finishes off the last snake horror standing with his rapier.

Rosie casts Leomund’s tiny hut and the PCs climb inside for a much-needed short rest.

*of a sign pointing back towards the yuan-ti. Made by Faerun's equivalent of Acme, presumably.
Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 1,940 xp.

28th Marpenoth (contd.)

Crake enters the hallway from the mosaic chamber, spotting a secret panel halfway down the corridor. The rogue signals to the others to approach, and they open the panel, revealing a narrow shaft heading down. Deciding to press on, Crake triggers a pressure plate in the floor which sends a boulder made of skeletal bodies rolling down the corridor towards the party. It runs over Gwastdyn and Turin first, then Ug gets caught up in it and is sent crashing into the wall at the end of the hallway!

With everyone feeling beaten up, the PCs take a short rest in the chamber. Turin tries to pinpoint the strong smell of incense but there is no obvious source.

Opening the door to the east, the PCs enter the former library, now stripped bare of books. The ghostly librarian, a woman named Ilda, manifests – her terrifying appearance shocks Ug who ages 20 years! Ilda was supposed to have guarded Diderius’ books and her failings as a librarian mean she is tied to this chamber. Gwastdyn speaks to the ghost who reveals that Diderius’ powerful divination pool allowed those using it to peer past the magical protections that block lesser divination magic. She warns the PCs that the pool’s revelations can drive you insane unless you asked a specific question, and that gazing into the pool without first making a sacrifice is very dangerous. She also tells the PCs that yuan-ti have taken up residence in the complex.

Next, the party enter the throne room. Here a well-muscled twelve-foot-tall male humanoid with a flowing white beard is sitting on a throne; a large pile of treasure lies at his feet. When the PCs approach, he says “Ye who seek Diderius’ insight must first furnish tribute, that Diderius might work his mighty magic. Lay such tribute at my feet and depart”. When the PCs ask other questions, they get the same response. They leave a few coins each and leave by the western exit.

Five bearded devils are sitting at stone tables in the dining room beyond. Although they don’t seem hostile, Ug is incensed at their presence and attacks. Turin casts shatter and Gwastdyn summons a pack of wolves to defeat the fiends. Stairs in this room lead up to what was once a bedchamber. Here, a pair of wraiths and four spectres attack the party, draining their life energy – poor old Ug suffers the most, losing 30 hp from his maximum.

Once the undead have been vanquished, the PCs search the room, finding books and treatises on divination, silk robes, a magical ring of poison resistance and two scrolls of remove curse. Crake “pours” from the empty silver ewer into one of the goblets on the side table. This fills it with a fuming gas. Ug and Turin deduce that the gas protects from poison when “drunk”. Low on spells and wounded, the PCs hole up in this chamber and take a long rest.

29th Marpenoth

Returning to the library, the PCs give the books they found to Ilda. The ghost smiles gratefully before fading away into nothingness.

Next, the PCs reach the pool chamber – a dead cultist lies on the floor amidst broken arrows and other debris. Ug and Gwastdyn return to the well, fill a bucket and pour water into the basin. Sure enough, the pool fills, flaring with black light. Unfortunately, Crake and Turin do not heed Ilda’s warning and their eyes are drawn to the water. Both go insane – Turin passes out, while Crake starts crawling around on the floor, eating moss. By the time Ug and Gwastdyn return, the water has evaporated, but they are able to bring their companions back to their senses. Examining the cultist’s body, they realise he has been sacrificed. The arrows in here appear to have been fired from the southern doors and perhaps belong to the yuan-ti.

The double doors lead into Diderius’ crypt: the walls are covered in frescoes and his great sarcophagus rests on a dais. Ug can sense the presence of undead in the sarcophagus and behind the walls, so the PCs debate what to do next. Is there a sacrifice they can make to the pool? Would Rosie be willing to take one for the team?

After deciding against this drastic course of action, they search the dungeon for secret doors they might have missed before returning to the well. Gwastdyn wildshapes into an otter and is lowered down the well in the bucket. Unfortunately, the surviving troll is lurking at the bottom and takes a swing at the shapechanged druid, which turns him back into a dwarf. Gwastdyn scrambles up the rope as Ug pulls it from above, while Turin and Crake attack the troll. The foul creature drops back into the water and swims off when the druid drops a flaming sphere down the shaft.

Still stumped, the PCs return to the throne room. Crake realises the giant figure in here is a clay golem disguised with an illusion – Ug urges the others to leave it well alone.

With no other option, the party go back to the crypt and approach the sarcophagus to speak with Diderius. A deep clear voice from inside the coffin tells them that yuan-ti have taken Varram the White to their lair. A moment later, a secret door opens in the north wall...
Here’s what happened in last night’s game as the party set off for the Serpent Hills on the trail of Varram the White. Each PC gets 3,300 xp.

22nd - 28th Eleint: Downtime in Waterdeep

Crake spends the week disguised as his noble alter ego and hobnobs with a bunch of wealthy merchants, beating them at cards.

Gwastdyn visits Sir Trodeng d’Visir’s menagerie outside the city and studies some of the exhibits so he can wildshape into their forms

Rosie makes contact with the Zhentarim in Manysteps Alley. As well as Jamna Gleamsilver, she sees Tyler Logan (the cell leader she had a run in with last time she was in Waterdeep) again – there is clearly no love lost between the pair. Jamna gives Rosie a sending stone and asks her to keep in regular contact.

Turin visits New Olamn College and learns some new songs to play on his cittern.

Ug visits the House of Wonder and agrees to undertake a quest to bring back a circlet of seven serpents to the temple.

29th Eleint - 20th Marpenoth

The party travel south from Waterdeep to Boareskyr Bridge, dealing with a group of dragon cultists who attacked a caravan near Daggerford.

At Dragonspear Castle, zombies clamber out of the ground to attack the party, but Gwastdyn, wildshaped into a giant eagle, swoops down and carries them off before dropping them to their doom. Unfortunately the druid's flight over the castle is cut short when he slams straight into a wall of force, and has to be rescued by Crake.

21st Marpenoth

The PCs defeat a second band of dragon cultists on the Trade Way. Gwastdyn wildshapes into a giant elk and squishes the dragonsoul leader with his hooves after Rosie polymorphs him into a crayfish.

22nd Marpenoth

The party arrive at Boareskyr Bridge, spending the night in Bolo’s Tentside Inn. They learn that Varram the White killed a “scaled folk” spy before heading into the hills with over a dozen men. Rosie sends a report to Jamna using her sending stone.

24th Marpenoth

The PCs head into the Serpent Hills following Varram’s trail. They kill a weird-looking blemmyes by means of an effective combination of summoned wolves and Turin’s dissonant whispers, and rescue the two tribesmen it had captured for its dinner.

25th Marpenoth

The trail leads through an arch formed from the coils of a great petrified serpent. At Ug’s insistence, the PCs climb up the slope to the serpent’s “head” and go inside. When they spot a shimmering portal inside its mouth, they decide to return to the trail and their mission, much to the half-orc paladin’s disappointment.

27th Marpenoth

The PCs arrive outside the Tomb of Diderius. They explore the ruined buildings but give the two giant statues flanking the entrance to the tomb a wide berth. Camping for the night inside a crumbling tower, they are attacked by three trolls. Rosie falls unconscious twice, but the adventurers do manage to kill two of the foul creatures. The third one escapes down the well outside after Turin casts compulsion and sends it packing.

28th Marpenoth

The PCs decide to dig up one of the shallow graves they found outside the tomb – the body inside hasn’t been dead long and still shows signs of both bludgeoning and slashing wounds. Ug approaches the statues which animate and speak to the party, asking them if they seek wisdom or knowledge. The PCs reply that they "seek wisdom" which appears to satisfy them “as long as you show proper respect”.

Using magic, the PCs get up to the ledge holding the tomb entrance. Gwastdyn wildshapes into an eagle and flies inside past six cowled wizard statues. The room beyond is decorated with a mosaic depicting a knight in shining armour battling a chimera. When the adventurers enter the room, the chimera rises up out of the mosaic and attacks the party. After it breathes fire on the heroes standing in the entrance, it flies up to the ledge running around the room. Ug isn’t about to let another flying monster get the better of him and misty steps up there to attack it, joined by Gwastdyn. The others attack from range – Crake finishes it off with an arrow.

Behind the door marked “SAFE” in chalk is a round chamber containing a well and a stone basin. Ug fills the bucket from the well a couple of times, empyting the water into the basin and pulling the lever on the wall. The water empties out but the PCs can’t figure out where it’s gone. Back in the mosaic room, Ug wrenches open the bulging double doors to the north, sending a load of rubble crashing into the room, nearly burying Rosie.

The corridor to the southeast seems to be the only way to go now...
Here’s what happened in last night’s game, in which we finished Hoard of the Dragon Queen and began Rise of Tiamat. Each PC gets enough experience to reach 8th level.

5th Eleint

After some careful deliberation over strategy, the PCs head inside the iceberg beneath Skyreach Castle to confront Glazhael the white dragon. Turin drinks a potion of cold resistance and Rosie casts fly on Ug.

Ug, Gwastdyn and Rosie enter the dragon’s lair at the lower level, while Turin and Crake approach from the upper tunnels. Only Crake is quiet enough to surprise the dragon and gets off an arrow with sneak attack, inflicting 43 hp damage. Then, Glazhael acts, surrounding Turin and Crake with freezing fog, and breathing on Ug, Gwastdyn and Rosie. Rosie loses concentration, meaning Ug is no longer flying and can’t get to the dragon who is clinging to the ceiling. He runs in anyway and challenges the dragon to face him in melee. Meanwhile, Turin, Rosie and Crake attack from range while Gwastdyn summons a pair of giant eagles. The eagles swoop into combat with Glazhael and inflict a couple of wounds on him before they are slain.

Glazhael conjures a wall of ice to block Gwastdyn and Rosie from entering the cavern, then flies over to the upper level to attack Crake and Turin. Ug climbs up and steps forward to attack in melee, but falls unconscious. The druid summons a second pair of giant eagles to harass Glazhael but by this time the dragon is able to breath again and Rosie and Crake both go down inside another cloud of freezing fog. Turin and Gwastdyn bring them round so they can escape the fog, and Rosie saves Ug with spare the dying. By this time, Glazhael is badly wounded too and flees towards the exit after Rosie hits him with blight. A third pair of eagles are summoned to give chase and manage to bring the dragon down to just 8 hp before it flies off.

Exhausted, the PCs have a short rest to heal up, then chisel away at the treasure hoard, taking a number of magic items, and all the gems and jewellery they can find, before casting create water and hunger of Hadar to freeze the hoard again and disguise their activities. Then, they head upstairs and tell Blagothkus they have driven off the dragon. The cloud giant agrees to take them to Waterdeep and says they can take “a few items” from the loot. The PCs thank him and return to the cave to take the chest they filled with gold coins earlier!


21st Eleint

Skyreach Castle arrives near Waterdeep. The PCs fly down to the Trade Way on wyverns from the castle, and enter the city on foot. As they approach, they are greeted by a talking raven bearing a message from Leosin Erlanthar – the party are to meet him outside the Lord’s Palace. Inside the city, the PCs experience a strange sense of unease as the Draakhorn sounds, first once, then again.

Outside the Lord’s Palace, Leosin briefs the party. Following the assassination of the Masked Lord Arthagast Ulbrinter, the factions and leaders of the Sword Coast have come together to oppose the Cult of the Dragon and the PCs must report to the Council of Waterdeep.

The adventurers are welcomed to the first Council of Waterdeep. The other attendees are:

* Remallia “Remi” Haventree of the Harpers
* Ontharr Frume, Order of the Gauntlet
* Delaan Winterhound, Emerald Enclave
* Lord Dagult Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep, Lords’ Alliance
* Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil of the dwarves, Lords’ Alliance
* Marshall Ulder Ravengard of the Flaming Fist, Lords’ Alliance
* King Melandrach of the elves, Lords’ Alliance
* Taern “Thunderspells” Hornblade of Silverymoon, Lords’ Alliance
* Sir Isteval of Daggerford and Cormyr, Lords’ Alliance

The PCs give their report, recounting their battle against the Cult of the Dragon from Greenest to Skyreach Castle. Crake mentions that they have the black dragon mask and it is suggested the party keep hold of it for the time being. Overall they make a good impression on the Council, particularly Sir Isteval, Ontharr Frume, King Melandrach, Ulder Ravengard and Taern Hornblade, but the failure to capture the flying castle irks Connerad Brawnanvil.

Lord Neverember and the council deputize the PCs with emergency investigative powers, and they are asked to undertake two missions. Leosin briefs the party no the first – to travel to Boareskyr Bridge to investigate rumours that Varram the White has lost the white dragon mask. A Waterdhavian noblewoman named Dala Silmerhelve tells them about the second mission – to travel to the Sea of Moving Ice, the last known location of the Draakhorn, and find Maccath the Crimson, a missing tiefling sorcerer who is an expert on all things draconic.
Here’s what happened in last night’s game. Each PC gets 2,290 xp. Only the white dragon Glazhael stands between you and the end of the adventure….

3rd Eleint, 1490 DR (contd.)

Rosie casts disguise self to appear as Rezmir and opens the doors to the barracks. Meanwhile Gwastdyn has summoned eight pixies and ordered them to become invisible. Rosie orders the dragonwings resting inside to line up, telling them that intruders have been seen in the castle. The cultists fall for the deception and are standing together in a group when Turin casts shatter. This is followed by hunger of Hadar from Rosie and sleep, confusion, and entangle spells from the pixies. Turin and Ug attack the hapless cultists near the edge of the darkness while Crake waits outside and picks off ones escaping through the side doors with his bow.

With the dragonwings dealt with, the PCs enter Rezmir’s chamber. Crake is attacked by a rug of smothering but manages to avoid being smothered. The rogue checks the chest carefully for traps, before opening it. Inside is the Black Dragon Mask and a large cache of gems, jewellery and coins.

Deciding to report to Blagothkus, the party head up to the Upper Courtyard and go to the cloud giant’s tower. The ogres on the battlements tell them their boss has gone to the steering tower. The PCs walk over there but find it locked, and there is no answer at the door. They return to Rezmir’s room to rest for the night.

That night, while Gwastdyn is on watch, the vampire Sandesyl Morgia appears and attacks the dwarf. The others wake up and join in but are unable to stop the druid falling unconscious. Ug strikes her with his divine smite, inflicting radiant damage which stops her regenerating. The vampire flees into the courtyard and gives the party the slip. Shaken, they heal Gwastdyn, Rosie casts an alarm spell, and the PCs finish their long rest.

4th Eleint

The next morning the PCs explore the store room and the guest chambers, before returning to the Upper Courtyard. As they look at the horizon, they realise the castle has turned around and is now heading north.

Deciding to explore the crumbling tower, Ug climbs up to the balcony 75 feet above. Unfortunately it’s not strong enough to bear his weight, and gives way when he climbs onto it, sending him plummeting to the ground. The others dodge out the way but Gwastdyn isn't quick enough and it struck by falling debris.

Ug climbs back up and throws a rope down to Turin who joins him. The pair go through the door into the vampire’s lair and are attacked by two vampire spawn. Crake starts climbing up the tower, while Rosie casts dimension door to transport herself and Gwastdyn up to the top. The warlock is grabbed by one of the vampires and is bitten twice as Ug and Turin battle the other one. Crake arrives and takes down one of the spawn, but then the coffin opens and Sandesyl appears. Ug turns on her, destroying her with his divine smite. Then, Turin slays the final vampire spawn.

The PCs take a short rest, then visit Blagothkus in his tower. The cloud giant tells them he is taking the castle to the Spine of the World but will gladly drop them off en route – at Waterdeep for example. He urges them to go and deal with the dragon. Exhausted after their battle with the vampires, the PCs return to the Lower Courtyard and have a long rest.
Here’s what happened in last night’s game in which the PCs finally took down Wyrmspeaker Rezmir. Each PC gets 2,060 xp.

3rd Eleint, 1490 DR

The PCs enter the village of Parnast - everyone except Ug is wearing Cult of the Dragon masks and cloaks and Rosie has cast disguise self to appear as a bloke called Arric. Turin notes that the stables look too large for horses. After greeting the cultists in the village square in the usual manner (“Praise Tiamat’s glory!”), the party enters the Shrine of Axes and has a look at the four statues inside before heading to the Golden Tankard. The landlord tells them that Captain Othelstan is in charge of the cultists in the village and gives the party directions to the captain’s house.

Arric’s story isn’t very convincing so a fight breaks out with Othelstan and his men, but Turin’s fear spell sends half of them running scared which buys the PCs some time to deal with the others. Gwastdyn wild shapes into a bear and Rosie/Arric takes down the captain with her agonizing blast. While Crake, Rosie and Gwastdyn search the house and grab some interesting-looking papers, Turin and Ug hurry to Skyreach Castle which is preparing for departure. They display the banner they got from Talis’ hunting lodge and give the pass phrase (“Tiamat, our Mother and Strength!”), entering the castle via the drawbridge. Inside, they are met by two ogres, Tarzzen and Hunnc, who are confused by Turin’s florid turn of phrase, but take a liking to Ug who is more on their level. They offer to take the two PCs to see Blagothkus the cloud giant owner of the castle, and lead the pair across the lower courtyard to a set of spiral stairs.

Meanwhile, the others have realised the castle is about to go and hurry over the drawbridge, remembering to give the pass phrase. They spot Turin and Ug with the ogres and catch up with them. A heated discussion takes place about whether to go and see Blagothkus or to report to the cult barracks – Ug insists on going to see the cloud giant and no one is keen on him talking to the giant on his own. The ogres take the PCs through the upper courtyard, past two tall towers to Blagothkus’ tower and upstairs to the giant’s chamber.

Unfortunately the PCs haven’t really come up with a plan or got their stories straight. Turin removes all of his cult gear and says he isn’t a member of the Cult of the Dragon, Ug says he is the party’s “protector”, and the others claim to be cultists here to report to Rezmir. Blagothkus is so frustrated with their conflicting stories he swings at Rosie with his morningstar. A fight looks likely to break out but Crake is able to avert disaster by coming clean just in time, explaining the PCs are actually here in disguise to kill Rezmir. Blagothkus explains he is no friend to the cult who are plotting to take over the Sword Coast, and hopes that the threat of a new dragon empire will get the giants riled up enough to go to war. If the PCs want to take down Rezmir and the dragon, that’s fine with him. He tells them to return to the lower courtyard where they will find the cult barracks and Rezmir.

The PCs visit the barracks and have a short rest, then Turin casts invisibility on Crake. The rogue heads off into the courtyard with Gwastdyn the white rat in his pocket. Together the pair check out the kobold kitchen, the stone giants’ quarters, a storeroom and guest quarters. There are two doors that are locked that Gwastdyn can’t squeeze underneath. Next, they head down the spiral stairs until they reach the dragon’s lair in an ice cave beneath the castle. Glazhael the Cloudchaser, a huge white dragon, clings to the ceiling above a vast pile of frozen loot. Crake backs away as quietly as he can and returns to the others.

The party head across the courtyard and open the far set of doors. Inside are two Red Wizards – Azbara Jos and Rath Modar – and their pet gargoyle. Jos recognizes the adventurers from the caravan and the wizards attack with fireballs. The PCs get into melee with the mages, taking down Rath Modar who melts into an icy puddle – apparently a simulacrum rather than the real wizard. Jos gets off another fireball before he too is killed but by this stage Rosie is unconscious. Then, Rezmir arrives with her two guard drakes and takes down Gwastdyn with her nasty wounding greatsword. As the drakes attack Turin, Ug uses misty step to get behind Rezmir. Rosie casts blight as she lies bleeding on the floor, then Crake strikes the half-dragon with a sneak attack, allowing Ug to deliver the killing blow with a loud “Feel my slash!” The PCs finish off the gargoyle and the drakes, and bring the druid round. They search the wizards’ room finding correspondence to Modar from Severin the Red, and a sinister volume entitled Beyond the Iron Gates. They have a short rest and decide what to do next.
Here’s what happened in last night’s game in which the PCs went through the portal beneath Castle Naerytar to the hunting lodge, and Crake and Rosie were reunited with some old friends. Each PC gets enough xp to reach 7th level.

2nd Eleint, 1490 DR

The PCs head through the tunnels beneath Castle Naerytar to the portal. Hearing noise up ahead, Crake scouts ahead, spotting a huge frog-like creature with three eyes and four tentacles – a froghemoth! The great monstrosity grabs Crake and Turin in its tentacles, and swallows first Gwastdyn in bear form, then Rosie. Gwastdyn slashes at the creature from inside with his bear claws, doing enough damage for Crake to finish it off with a sneak attack. After a short rest, the party hold hands and step through the portal.

They arrive between two standing stones somewhere in the forested Graypeak Mountains far to the east. Crake recognises the hunting lodge nearby as belonging to Talis’ family. Moving into the cover of the trees, the PCs find themselves face to face with a pair of trolls and three ambush drakes. Gwastdyn conjures a pack of wolves, Ug terrifies one of the trolls with Abjure Enemy, and Turin casts fear to frighten off one of the drakes. The party take down the first troll and two of the drakes quickly, before turning on the second troll, thereby breaking Ug’s hold over it. Crake again delivers the killing blow.

The party check out the empty stables – large lizard or dragon-like creatures have been kept here until recently. Rosie, Turin and the three surviving wolves check out the barn but decide not to open the doors when they hear drakes growling inside.

Crake uses his robe of useful items to conjure a ladder and he and Rosie climb up onto the roof, followed by Turin. They are spotted by two perytons who swoop in to attack. The others scramble up to join them, and drop through the hole in the roof into the armoury below. Entering the corridor, they open the door opposite into the Queen of Dragons Chamber with its fine tapestries. After searching for secret doors unsuccessfully, Turin casts invisibility on Crake so the rogue can scout around. Crake opens the door to a bathroom, followed by a bed chamber where a grey-haired warrior is asleep in his armour. He continues round the corridor, hearing voices behind a door in the southwest corner of the building.

When he returns to the party Crake steps on a loose floorboard. Meanwhile, Turin has moved up to the southwest door and is caught standing outside when it is flung open by a dragonwing cultist. Talis the White calls out to the PCs, offering them the chance to “do business” but Rosie – who is peering round the door to the armoury – spots Maelgot, one of the mutinous crewmen from the Mermaid’s Cock, standing behind the dragonwing and transfers her hex onto him. Battle is joined – Turin attacks the cultist in the doorway, Talis conjures an insect plague in the corridor, Rosie and Gwastdyn cast hunger of Hadar and flaming sphere into the room. Turin falls unconscious as the swarms of insects bite and scratch at him.

When Talis suggests they all stop fighting to parley, the PCs agree, although it takes a while for Rosie, Maelgot and Sorvic to stop squaring up to each other. Ug casts cure wounds on Turin, bringing the bard round.

Talis explains she has a score to settle with both Rezmir and with Varram the White, who was made Wyrmspeaker by Severin the Red when that rank was rightfully hers. She offers the PCs a means to get inside Skyreach Castle so they can frustrate the transport of a large hoard of treasure. Cultists under Rezmir’s command are using a cloud giant’s flying castle to ship the hoard south where it will be used as a gift to Tiamat when she is summoned to the Realms. She tells the party that Rezmir has something called the Black Dragon Mask, breathes acid, and wields a dark sword that can “drain souls”. When pressed for information about the castle, she reveals that Glazhael, the Cloudchaser, a white dragon lives there, along with the cloud giants and several other giants. Rezmir is working with two Red Wizards.

After some deliberation, the PCs agree to the deal. The grey-haired warrior, Wessic the Wizened, fetches a five-coloured banner. The PCs must show this on approach to the castle and give the pass phrase “Tiamat, our Mother and Strength”). They are escorted out of the hunting lodge by the cultists. As they leave, they notice two demonic-looking stone statues in the hallway downstairs – one of them moves its head as they pass – and hear Wessic whisper something as they pass between the two ancient suits of elven armour flanking the doorway…

Before heading to Parnast where Skyreach Castle is waiting, the party camp in the forest, taking a long rest.
Here’s what happened in last night’s eventful session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen in which the unconscious Ug was thrown down the stairs to his death by his own companions, and in which a secret was revealed. Each PC gets enough XP to take them to 6th level.

20th Eleasias, 1490 DR (contd.)

Climbing back down the tower, Turin suggests searching Borngray’s rooms one more time. Crake lets the cult leader’s raven out of its brass cage, and gets pecked in the eye for his trouble before the bird flies off. Crake finds a sapphire hidden in the sawdust at the bottom of the cage; Ug and Gwastdyn move the heavy object to one side to reveal a loose floorboard and Borngray’s strongbox.

Returning to the bailey, the party realise the surviving cultists are holed up in the chapel. Gwastdyn turns himself into a red squirrel and climbs up the outside of the tower, peering through the arrow slits. He spots four cultists on the first floor, but no one else. Crake picks the lock on the chapel door and Ug boots it open. Inside, Sivash and a group of dragonclaws and cultists are ready to attack. There’s some fighting in the doorway, then Rosie casts hunger of Hadar which fills the room with eldritch darkness and squirming tentacles. The PCs kill the dragonclaw at the entrance, then Crake slays Sivash as he emerges from the dark. Rosie dispels her spell to reveal several dead bodies. Moving forward cautiously, the PCs peer into the corridor to the east and are shot at with crossbows. Rosie casts shatter and then the others move in and finish off the survivors.

With the ground floor secure, the party climb the stairs to the first floor where four cultists wait. The PCs enter melee. Gwastdyn remembers he knows the thornwhip cantrip and casts it for the first time, killing one of the cultists. But then the door opens and seven dragonwings appear. They surround Ug and their attacks take him down. He fails his first death save. As Crake, Rosie and Jamna retreat, Turin grabs the unconscious paladin and throws him down the stairs “to safety”. Ug rolls another death save and gets a 1. He tumbles down the stairs, lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom, his neck twisted at a horrible angle. Things get even worse when Turin also falls as the cultists close in on him at the top of the stairs. Fortunately, Gwastdyn is able to administer a potion of healing to bring him round and the PCs are able to make it back down to the chapel. They barricade the door and flee out into the courtyard.

Rosie finds Snapjaw and asks him if there is a lizardfolk shaman who can cast gentle repose on Ug. They take the half-orc's armour off in readiness, only to discover that the paladin has a woman’s body underneath. They discuss this surprising revelation and agree it would probably be best not to say anything to Ug once he has been raised. They take a long rest.

21st Eleasias

Turin casts invisibility on Gwastdyn, then Rosie casts fly so the druid can fly up to the first floor and conjure a pack of wolves among the cultists through the arrow slit. The plan works, but when he orders the wolves to attack, he is visible again. One of the cultists shoots him with a crossbow bolt, he loses concentration, and the wolves all vanish. As the others come up the stairs, the dwarf flies back up and casts a second conjure animals spell to call more wolves. Battle is joined and this time the PCs are victorious without any casualties, with Crake knocking out the last dragonwing. They tie him up to interrogate later. Or not.

The party search Rezmir’s rooms, finding the command word to activate the teleportation circle. Rezmir’s notes reveal that the portal heads to a hunting lodge under the command of Talis the White – could this be Crake’s childhood friend? Crake triggers the trap on the half-dragon’s wardrobe, and everyone in the room is sprayed with acid. Unfortunately this ruins the valuable statue and fancy robes inside. In the library on the floor below, the PCs look through the books, then Rosie decides to set them on fire (“no good can come from books”). Turin shows his thoroughness by insisting the party return to the bullywug quarters and find Spattergoo’s room. Here they loot a sturdy chest filled with tarnished silver jewellery and art objects. At this point, Rosie remembers they had left the bound cultist in the library which is now burning brightly.

The group talk to Snapjaw again, telling him they had seen two black dragons through the farseer in the Observatory. Snapjaw is confused – the only black dragon in the Mere he knows about is Voaraghamanthar. He agrees to guide the PCs through the Mere to the High Road.

26th Eleasias

The PCs arrive in the mining town of Leilon with Ug’s body. The half-orc paladin is raised from the dead at the temple of Amaunator, following a 1,000 gp donation to the church. When the PCs go to leave, they realise Jamna has disappeared.

2nd Eleint

The party arrive back at Castle Naerytar. Entering the dungeon, Gwastdyn conjures four crocodiles to kill the gray ooze Turin has discovered in a side cave. There is a small hoard of precious stones in the water. With no stone left unturned, they head for the portal.
Here’s what happened in last night’s session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen in which the PCs fled in fear of their lives from a roomful of centipedes and encouraged the Scaly Death lizardfolk to rise up against their bullywug oppressors. Each PC gets 1,240 xp.

19th Eleasias (contd)

Thousands of nasty, biting centipedes pour into the chamber, surrounding the adventurers. There are just too many for the PCs to cope with, and the PCs are forced to retreat when Turin falls unconscious. Ug drags the elf bard to safety and the others follow; Gwastdyn is last out and wild shapes into a bear to escape intact. The party return to Pharblex’s sanctum for a short rest to allow Turin to recover from the paralytic poison in his system.

Returning to the misty chamber, the PCs follow the passage leading out to the west. Through the mist, Turin can just make out a series of runes carved into the stone floor. This is a teleportation circle – presumably the cult are using it to ship the treasure onwards. It needs a command word or portal key to get it to function. The PCs return to their quarters upstairs to sleep.

20th Eleasias

The party’s long rest is interrupted by shouts calling the cultists to breakfast and the start of the working day. Crake fakes illness and Rosie turns on the charm with Sivash to get out of the morning shift, while Ug just refuses to do any work and is locked up in the storeroom by the cultists as punishment. Turin feels fully rested after his trance, but Gwastdyn still needs sleep and can’t think of a clever excuse to avoid working. Both start lugging crates down into the dungeon with the other cultists.

Later that morning, Turin skives off to confer with Crake and Rosie while Gwastdyn continues shifting crates. The dwarf druid watches a group of bullywugs go past into the caverns. Worried they’re on their way to see Spattergoo, he warns the others. Turin casts invisibility on Crake who sneaks off to find and rescue Ug.

Meanwhile, Rosie, also invisible, goes outside the castle to the lizardfolk huts and finds Snapjaw. She reveals her presence and tells the lizardfolk "the Age of the Frog is over, and the Time of the Lizardfolk is here!”. Snapjaw and his fellow Scaly Death tribefolk are convinced. They follow Rosie back into the castle where a meeting with their comrades inside follows. The lizardfolk agree to rise up to overthrow the bullywugs – they march out and attack the frog-folk in the barbican and in their quarters, slaughtering them.

With sounds of fighting all around, the PCs join up and head towards the keep. At that point Dralmorrer Borngray appears from the tower with six dragonwing cultists. Ug and Turin charge in to attack the one-eyed elf, while Rosie, Crake and Gwastdyn battle the dragonwings. The druid conjures a pack of wolves which make nuisances of themselves, snapping at the cultists and pulling them down, then he turns into a bear. Rosie kills Borngray with her agonizing blast after Ug and Turin’s attacks have seriously wounded the cult leader. The party soon finish off the rest of the cultists.


After entering the bullywug barracks and finding only dead frog-folk and lizardmen, they return to the keep. Crake picks up Borngray’s sword, a +1 swashbuckler’s rapier. The PCs go inside the keep, exploring the first and second floors, both unoccupied apart from a squawking raven in a cage. It looks like whoever was living in the first (ground) floor rooms has left in a hurry; the second floor rooms belong to Borngray. Ug heads up to the observatory on the third floor. As he steps into the chamber, four gargoyles swoop in through hatches in the roof. The others rush up to help and the evil stony creatures are defeated.

Looking through the telescope-like contraption in the tower, Rosie observes a pair of large black dragons in their swampy lair, surrounded by their lizardfolk guards and servants. It appears that Voaraghamanthar isn’t the only black dragon in the Mere of Dead Men.

Down in the courtyard, it looks as if the Scaly Death have emerged battered but victorious. The bullywugs are dead or have fled into the mere. The Time of the Lizardfolk is here.
Here’s what happened in Saturday’s session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen as the party continued to explore Castle Naerytar. Each PC gets 383 xp.

19th Eleasias

The PCs push open the door to the Great Hall where they are reunited with Gwastdyn and Jamna. The pair had arrived earlier that morning and by posing as cultist reinforcements had gained admittance to the castle through the front door. Sivash, the dragonwing in charge of processing the loot, sends the party to clean out their living quarters in the southwest tower.

When they arrive in the tower, they realise cleaning involves killing the giant centipedes who have taken up residence. Fortunately Turin’s shatter spell makes short work of them and Gwastdyn is able to cure the nasty disease Crake contracted from the otyugh. The adventurers explore the  upper levels of the tower which serve as sleeping quarters for the cultists.

Heading briefly downstairs to the entry caverns beneath the tower, they return to the Great Hall where they help the cultists sort and record treasure or make new crates to transport it in. Ug refuses to help with the work so Rosie persuades Sivash that it’s for the best if he goes to their quarters to repair the cracks in the tower walls.

After a while, Dralmorrer Borngray appears with his lizardfolk guard in tow, looking for the missing guard drakes. Luckily he believes Rosie when she says she heard their distinctive growling coming from inside the cesspit.

When Tharm Tharmzid, the Cult’s dwarf chef, appears to serve lunch, Turin flavours the stew with prestidigitation, impressing the cook. The PCs spend the rest of the day working, then go downstairs into the caves below the castle in the evening.

From the entry cavern, they head in the direction of the tracks, passing through a crane  and a misty cavern. Turin casts invisibility and scouts ahead to the Frog Shrine where Pharblex Spattergoo is conducting a weird, incomprehensible ritual. The PCs attack with surprise, killing Spattergoo and his bullywug guards, helped by the pack of fey wolves Gwastdyn summons to fight for him.

Afterwards the party explore Pharblex’s sanctum. Rosie casts mage hand to move the bullywug's chest, triggering a trap. Pots fall from ceiling, spreading hallucinogenic frog poison. The warlock is affected, seeing rest of party as nightmarish frog-like monstrosities. She flees, escaping into a large cave filled with an underground lake. Turin casts sleep as Rosie dives into the water. Ug drags her out but she attacks the rest of the party until Crake knocks the half-elf unconscious.

Meanwhile, giant frogs leap forward to attack the party. Fortunately the wolves are able to cover the PCs’ retreat and defeat the slimy amphibians.

After another short rest, the PCs continue their exploration of the caverns. When they enter an empty chamber, thousands of centipedes swarm forth from the walls….
Here’s what happened in last night’s session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen as the adventurers travelled through the Mere of Dead Men to Castle Naerytar. Each PC gets 1,370 xp.

17th Eleasias, 1490 DR

The PCs continue through the swamp without Gwastdyn who returns to the Carnath Roadhouse to fetch Jamna. Ug blunders into some quicksand and has to be rescued by the others. A splash in the distance is followed by ominous silence but nothing further happens.

At dusk, the party reach a campsite on the trail. Here, they ambush a group of nine lizardfolk who arrive in canoes to collect the stolen loot for onward transportation to Castle Naerytar. The last surviving lizardman, Snapjaw, surrenders. He proclaims the PCs as “great warriors” and tells them a lot of useful information about the castle. The “dragon kneelers” are led by an elf called Borngray; Rezmir and a man in red robes are there now too. Also at the castle are the hated bullywugs led by their shaman Spattergoo, and lizardfolk of Snapjaw's Scaly Death tribe. Spattergoo killed their shaman, Suncaller. After some discussion, the PCs promise to help Snapjaw and the lizardfolk overthrow their enemies.

18th Eleasias

Travelling into the swamp in canoes, the PCs are attacked by the Weed That Walks. Crake is engulfed in the shambling mound’s body but manages to escape, and the adventurers slay the beast. They don’t hang around for long as Snapjaw warns them that the Weed will soon walk again.


Later that afternoon, they arrive at a lizardfolk picket half a mile from the castle. Snapjaw convinces the guards that the PCs are great heroes come to destroy the bullywugs and the party are allowed to pass. The guards tell them there are 100 bullywugs living in and around the castle.

The PCs arrive at Castle Naerytar at dusk. Leaving Snapjaw in his longhouse outside the castle walls, the adventurers scout the perimeter, identifying the north west tower as the ideal point of ingress. Rosie casts fly on Ug who flies up to the third floor of the tower and in through an opening where he secures a rope for the others. Turin and Rosie climb up followed by Crake, as Ug flies around the tower and spots three guard drakes in the inner ward below, and several lizardfolk and bullywugs in the larger outer ward beyond.

As Turin and Rosie look around the room, five spectres rise up from the shrivelled corpses lying on the floor. Turin is struck twice but Rosie’s dark patron Sekharet protects her from the spirits and they are too wary to approach. Crake arrives through the window and draws one spectre away from Turin. Meanwhile, Ug tries to open the trapdoor so he can join the others from the rooftop, but a spectre phases through the ceiling to attack him. The half-orc destroys his opponent and gets the door open. Together, the PCs finish off the other spectres. After searching the room, they decide to have a long rest to recover from the undead’s life drain.

19th Eleasias

Forcing open the sealed trapdoor in the floor, the PCs are greeted by the foul stench of the cesspit at the bottom of the tower. Not much remains of the second floor but Crake scampers across a slippery beam to loot an abandoned treasure chest. Then, the party head downstairs to the ground floor.

When Ug tries to leap across the garbage to the exit, he is grabbed by the tentacles of a lurking otyugh and pulled beneath the rubbish. Turin dives in to help him but makes a hasty retreat to the surface when he is bitten by the foul creature. Ug manages to free himself from the tentacles twice but each time he is grabbed again as he tries to escape. Rosie and Crake remain on the stairs with attacks readied, but the otyugh does not emerge.

When the paladin is flung across the room and into a wall, taking him down to 5 hp, Turin decides to make a run for it and opens the door to the inner ward. Unfortunately, this draws the attention of the three guard drakes, who advance on the bard, surrounding him. Deciding that being trapped between the otyugh and the drakes is a bad place to be, the PCs run or misty step past the lizards and into the courtyard. Luckily, the otyugh grabs one of the drakes and pulls it down into the garbage, allowing the party to kill the other two.

They throw the drakes’ bodies into the cesspit, then hurry over to a door in the south wall. Listening at the door, they can hear sounds of heavy objects being dragged around and what appears to be voices counting. Turin casts prestidigitation to clean everyone up, and then Rosie opens the door...
Here’s what happened in last night’s session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen as the adventurers headed north to the Carnath Roadhouse and into the notorious Mere of Dead Men. Each PC gets 620 xp.

8th Eleasias, 1490 DR

The High Road Charter Company convoy leads Waterdeep under the command of Ardred Briferhew. The PCs and Jamna Gleamsilver make up half the armed escorts guarding the supply wagons.

13th Eleasias

The convoy stops for the night at Thornhold. The PCs consider sneaking into the keep to spy on the secretive Stoneshaft dwarves but think better of it.

15th Eleasias

With the road now running alongside the Mere of Dead Men, the wagons come under attack from lizardfolk. Rosie kills two with her eldritch blast, Turin sends one to sleep, and Gwastdyn’s conjured lions take down a fourth, allowing the PCs to gang up on the much bigger blackscale and finish him off. The adventurers notice that the lizardfolk had glass beads, costume jewellery, coins and other trinkets mixed in among their bone and feather fetishes. Some were also armed with steel weapons.


17th Eleasias

After ten days of travelling the convoy arrives at its destination – the old Carnath Roadhouse which is now being used as a supply depot and work camp for the road builders. Bog Luck, the compound’s half-orc supervisor, points them in the direction of their quarters as the wagons are unloaded, turning down Ug’s request for a single room. The PCs notice he is wearing a scabbard decorated with dragon designs, similar to those worn by the Cult of the Dragon fighters at Greenest.

Later that evening in the common room, Ug and Turin talk to Bog Luck again. Ug asks the half-orc where he can find Naerytar and the black dragon that killed his family. Turin is more subtle (not hard!) and tells Bog Luck he’d like to hear the story behind his interesting-looking scabbard. The superintendent first tells them he killed a paladin for it, then says he's only joking – he bought it in Waterdeep.

Meanwhile, Rosie chats to Gristle Pete the cook after overhearing him complaining about noisy rats keeping him awake at night. She finds out these “rats” only make an appearance shortly after a new shipment has arrived at the camp and crash around in the warehouse below the kitchen.

Crake and Gwastdyn speak to some of the labourers about the Mere of Dead Men. Most avoid going into the swamp, particularly after one of their number wandered into the mere following some glowing lights and never returned. Lizardfolk and bullywugs sometimes attack the roadbuilding crews, hence the need for armed guards.

Just as the PCs get ready to leave one of the cultists confronts Rosie, accusing the warlock of murdering her friend Penrin and demanding satisfaction. Rosie agrees to a fight in the courtyard and a small crowd of labourers and cultists gathers to watch. The ex-pirate acts first, striking the cultist twice with her eldritch blast, then using misty step to escape to the balcony when her opponent closes to melee. The cultist chases her up the stairs but is brought down by Rosie’s blasts before she can get into close combat again. With the show over, the crowd disperses.

Rosie has a short rest to recover from her wounds, while Ug keeps watch on the cultists’ room. Nothing happens so the paladin goes over to the warehouse and has a look inside. He’s joined by Turin who persuades him that perhaps it would be a good idea to fetch some of the more stealthy members of the party.

After listening and sneaking around outside with Rosie and an invisible Turin, Crake picks the lock on the door inside the warehouse. Inside are six lizardfolk who have come up through a trapdoor. The thief is hit a couple of times and disengages from melee, allowing Ug to take his place in the doorway. Turin casts shatter, catching all the lizardfolk in its area, and making it fairly easy for the PCs to finish them off. Realizing that some of the crates are marked, Crake opens a couple of them and confirms they hold cult loot. Rosie pockets a handful of items while the others discuss what to do next.

Leaving a note for Jamna, the PCs grab their gear and head down through the trapdoor into a dank tunnel. After 500 yards, the passage comes out in the Mere of Dead Men – a marked trail leads further into the swamp. The party slog through the bog for a couple of hours before reaching an area where the vegetation is dying and diseased. Here, they are attacked by a catoblepas. The fell beast turns its deadly gaze on Ug but fortunately the paladin is made of sterner stuff and survives. As the monster closes to melee, Gwastdyn wild shapes into bear form and the PCs manage to slay the creature before it can use its gaze again.

By now it is the early hours of the morning and the adventurers need to sleep. They find a patch of dry land in the marsh and rest.
Here’s what happened in last night’s session of Hoard of the Dragon Queen as the PCs followed the Cult of the Dragon through Waterdeep, City of Splendours, and met with friends and contacts. Each PC gets 600 xp.

6th Eleasias, 1490 DR

The caravan arrives in Waterdeep and each merchant goes their separate ways. The cult wagons head north through the city on the High Road. Turin follows invisibly while the others find a place to store their wagon and trade goods and get rooms at the Galloping Minotaur Inn in the North Ward. Gwastdyn insists on seeing his room first to make sure it lives up to his high standards of cleanliness.

Meanwhile Turin has followed the cultist wagons to a compound in the Field Ward belonging to the High Road Charter Company. Jamna Gleamsilver appears, as if from nowhere. The gnome has also been following the wagons – she says she will keep an eye on them overnight, and suggests the PCs meet her here in the morning.

Gwastdyn receives a message from Leosin Erlanthar delivered by a talking blue jay, asking for a meeting at the Shrines of Nature in the Sea Ward. He meets Leosin there, gives the Harper an update on the party’s progress since Elturel, and learns that Rezmir was seen heading north a tenday ago with an escort of a dozen mounted guards. Leosin gives the dwarf a Harper magic item – a wandering star.

Crake heads to the Yawning Portal in the Castle Ward where he meets Duromil "the Fearless”, a former member of Crozier’s gang. Duromil saw Talis a couple of months ago when she passed through Waterdeep. She was wearing fancy-looking white scale mail and boasted that the new group she was working with were "really going places”. She claimed to be a "Wearer of Purple" and would soon be able to join the “inner circle”. While the pair are talking a group of adventurers are lowered into Undermountain. Soon afterwards there are sounds of combat and screams. Durnan the Sixth offers Crake a free trip down the well, as well as food, drinks and rooms for the night, if he and his companions can deal with whomever or whatever is preying on expeditions entering the dungeon.

Rosie goes to the Thirsty Sailor, one of her old haunts in the Dock Ward and meets with the dwarven fence Stumpy Joe. Over several flagons of grog she learns that the Mermaid’s Cock was in Waterdeep a month ago and unloaded crates of plunder which were transported north through the city. Several of the ship’s crew went with them, including Maelgot and Sorvic, ring-leaders of the mutiny against Anya Ogre-Teeth. They were sporting fancy new scabbards for their cutlasses. The ship left without them. Rosie sells Joe the gold candlestick she stole from the church in Greenest.

After talking to Jamna, Turin wanders back to the Dock Ward to meet the others at the Blushing Mermaid as planned. He takes a wrong turn following Rosie’s confusing directions and ends up in a dingy alley where two street thugs try to rob him. The elf makes short work of one with dissonant whispers; the other runs off. Turin heals his wounds and meets Ug outside the Mermaid. Deciding it’s not their kind of drinking establishment, they go back to the Galloping Minotaur to meet the others.

Reunited at the inn, the PCs share what they’ve learned, then go to the Yawning Portal. They start placing bets on themselves to survive their trip into Undermountain at great odds with a halfling but Rosie’s notorious reputation scares the bookie when she tells him who she is, and all bets are off!

Durnan lowers the party down into the entry well where they find the bodies of three adventurers. Heading west, they battle a pack of gnolls in the Hall of Broken Pillars. Rosie’s new spell hunger of Hadar is very effective, and the PCs are able to defeat the foul humanoids without too much trouble and rescue three survivors from the adventuring band. Gwastdyn spots Rosie trying to pocket some loot and calls her on it.

Despite Gwastdyn’s insistance that the party need to be up at 6am in the morning, Rosie decides to visit a Zhentarim address on Manysteps Alley and asks the others to come with her. Ug gives a blind fortune-teller in the alley a platinum piece to tell him his fortune. He is told to “beware the Weed That Walks”. She speaks of “thieves in the night” for Gwastdyn, while Rosie is told “you will get your revenge soon”.

Rosie knocks on the blue door and gives the code phrase, “I’m here to join the expedition”. The door opens to a warehouse full of dangerous-looking armed men and crates of trade goods. Unfortunately, the warlock gets off on the wrong foot with the men inside, first disrespecting their swarthy leader, calling him “the doorman”, and then refusing to leave. Even two nasty stab wounds don’t shut her up – she is still shooting her mouth off as she backs away. She makes it out the door with a crossbow bolt sticking out of her thigh, her reputation with the Zhentarim in tatters. At this point, the party decide to call it a day and head back to the Galloping Minotaur to sleep.

7th Eleasias

Early in the morning the PCs meet Jamna close to the High Road Charter Company compound in the Field Ward. She tells them that the cultists will be leaving tomorrow morning for a works camp on the road to Neverwinter. The gnome advises the PCs to hire on with Ardred Briferhew as guards.

Turin and Gwastdyn visit New Olamn College on Mount Waterdeep and meet the Harper and Magnus Alumnae Boondoor Evenmist. Turin finds out more information about the Mac-Fuirmidh school and his cittern. He purchases the sheet music to the fog cloud spell. Both spend time in the college’s library researching Naerytar. They learn it’s a ruined castle in the Mere of Dead Men, built by a half-elf wizard over 100 years ago. After it became cut off by the swamp, it was abandoned until it was claimed by a group of astrologers called the Academy of Stargazers. They built an observatory at the top of the keep before they vanished mysteriously. The Mere of Dead Men is home to Voaraghamanthar, a powerful black dragon.

Rosie and Crake visit Serpentil’s Books and Folios on Book Street. The warlock purchases a book called “On Liches and their Kynde” which contains information on Sekharet the Undying, her dark patron. Crake isn’t much of reader and buys nothing. Afterwards the pair sell the party’s trade goods at 100% profit in the market and pocket the difference.

Ug goes to the House of Wonder in the Sea Ward to find out about joining the Knights of Mystic Fire. He speaks to Dweomerkeeper Ilbrost Mythyl and the paladin Jelkar Feldspear – both are confused as to why a paladin of Ilmater wants to switch deities. Jelkar tells Ug he must swear devotion to the Mother of All Magic, and complete a quest to recover an item of ancient or lost magic for the temple. The half-orc says he doesn’t think it will take him long and he’ll be back “in an hour or two”.

With their business in Waterdeep complete, the PCs hire on as guards with the High Road Charter Company and get ready to leave in the morning. That night Rosie visits the Blushing Mermaid, using disguise self to appear as the Zhent “door keeper”, hires the most indiscreet prostitute on their books, and confesses to a diaper fetish.

8th Eleasias

The party and Jamna join the supply convoy heading north. It’s fair to say the cultists aren’t pleased to see the adventurers again.

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