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Now that my Wordpress blog at has been going strong for a year, I'm going to stop crossposting Parsantium content here, and go back to using this Livejournal primarily for session logs from my D&D games.

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#UKT2 Return of the Geek

Had a great time yesterday at the 2nd D&D tweet up at Mondo Comico in Nottingham. I got to play in Kalarel's Revenge, an adventure from WotC previewing Heroes of Shadow (looks excellent judging by our pregen characters!) and using the Caverns of Icewind Dale tiles. It was cool to defeat Kalarel for a second time, hopefully for good!

To those who say there is no roleplaying in 4e, I say "pish tosh!". We negotiated our way through four (almost five) out of six encounters without raising a sword. The only reason we didn't complete the whole adventure in double-quick time was the party in-fighting (including an unfortunate garroting incident) during the final battle – some of the PCs clearly had hidden agendas....

Official photos:  UKT2 - a set on Flickr

Keep on the Shadowfell Session #5

We've just got back from Andy's where we played an excellent session of Keep on the Shadowfell in which we managed to get through three encounters. I think we're starting to get the hang of our characters and the rules so the gameplay is moving quicker.

We managed to defeat all the goblins on the upper level including their boss, Balgron the Fat, who Angus took down with a very impressive critical and who looked like this (weird coincidence!):

We're now in the bowels of the keep and have run into our first undead opponents: some zombies. Thankfully, turning undead is a lot more straightforward in 4e than 3.x!

Second Level!

We played our fourth session of 4e last night, finally entering the Keep on the Shadowfell. How we laughed when Mord the wizard fell down the pit we all knew was there!

The whole session was one big encounter and great fun - a running battle through the dungeon with a band of goblins and ending in a huge torture chamber. Angus the scaredy dwarf got slammed into an iron maiden and poor old Mignola ended up unconscious several times but we emerged victorious and have now levelled up. Huzzah!
We played our third session of 4e & Keep on the Shadowfell on Sunday, getting through what Andy had described as one of the toughest encounters in the adventure: the kobold lair.

We managed to surprise and then deal with the bunch of kobolds outside pretty efficiently, making sure they didn’t warn the others behind the waterfall which then meant we could sneak up on the ones inside. Mord cast ghost sound to create a diversion and then we charged in through what seemed to be the least guarded entrance and one where we couldn’t be attached on too many fronts. Mord’s next spell was sleep which managed to knock out quite a few kobold minions, making it possible for Angus and Mignola to deal with the others in the central chamber while the spellcasters and Tilly hung back to make ranged attacks. When reinforcements arrived, we were ready although Mord ended up unconscious at one point and Mignola dropped to 3 hp when he ran over to fight Irontooth, the charming goblin leading the kobolds. Irontooth had over 100 hp so took some time to kill but eventually we were victorious, discovering that the huge piles of treasure drawn on the battlemat were a great example of artistic license and in fact, the treasure all fitted in one small chest.

After our great victory, we headed back to Winterhaven to see Lord Podrick and report. A note we’d found in Irontooth’s chest pointed us in the direction of a ruined keep and also mentioned a spy in the village. We’ve met five or six villagers out of 900ish – the spy is bound to be one of these but who?

From a game system point of view, we're getting the hang of our characters and what they can do, and even managed to use a few tactics. So far, I'm pretty impressed with 4e. And guess what? It feels like D&D when you play it. And it's fun!

Keep on the Shadowfell Session #2

We played our second session yesterday at Andy's and I think we're getting the hang of our powers, although it's hard to remember everything; 1st level has never been so complex! For example, Mignola the tiefling warlord gives everyone +2 initiative or he would have done if I'd remembered. Lucan the lame half-elf cleric has become Lucan the improved human cleric and I think this made him more effective in combat.

Anyway, we talked to people in Winterhaven including the adventurer's shop owner who was less than enthusiastic about buying our looted kobold gear, fought some more kobolds, and then rescued our mentor from a gnome and some drakes. We're also half way to second level - huzzah!

4th Edition

I played my first session of 4e tonight with kb98, playing through the first encounter of Keep on the Shadowfell, run by Andy and involving a fight with a bunch of kobolds. It took us all a while to get used to our characters and their various powers, made worse because I was playing two PCs: Lucan the half-elf cleric and Mignola the tiefling warlord. I'm off to pick my books up from Orc's Nest tomorrow but got to have a look at Andy's this evening: the layout and design looks very crisp and the Monster Manual seemed, at first glance, to contain most of my favourites from previous editions with some great art. So far, so good....

I really don't want to sign up for D&D Insider but I do like the sound of this:

Dungeon Magazine Announces New Adventure Path

The Elsir Vale has known a decade of peace following the rise of the Red Hand. The valley, as well as the town of Brindol, has flourished after adventurers defeated the threat posed by the hobgoblin armies. But now, from out of the hills to the north, a new threat has emerged. Natives of Brindol have been abducted, and the town’s war museum—dedicated to those fallen in the war against the Red Hand—has been raided and desecrated.

Meanwhile, beyond the Vale, the rumbling rumors of more trouble have begun to surface. Warbands forming in the mountains… Monsters crawling forth from the dark bowels of the world… And people everywhere have begun waking up at night in a cold sweat, uncertain where their feelings of dismay and panic come from…

The Scales of War Adventure Path will premiere in Dungeon #156, July 2008, with the 1st-level adventure “Rescue at Rivenroar,” by Wizards of the Coast designer David Noonan. Scales of War will continue each month in Dungeon, taking characters from 1st level all the way to 30th over the course of 18 adventures, spanning 18 months. This is the most ambitious Adventure Path in Dungeon’s history, and will take full advantage of the versatility of the new 4th Edition D&D rules. Support articles will appear regularly in Dragon, beginning with issue #366, August 2008.

Very tempting....


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