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Now that my Wordpress blog at has been going strong for a year, I'm going to stop crossposting Parsantium content here, and go back to using this Livejournal primarily for session logs from my D&D games.

If you want to keep up to date on Parsantium: City at the Crossroads, please visit

You can buy Parsantium in PDF and print online at,,, and

If you want to support your FLGS, print copies are in stock in London's Leisure Games and Orc's Nest.

Kobold Press Forums RIP

The Kobold Press forums have moved to a community on Google +. Details here. At least I might use Google + a bit more now they're there.

I do hope some way is found to archive the old threads though as that's where the Midgard 4e Bestiary was first conceived, and where I spent a lot of time discussing various Open Design projects with other patrons. Good times.

Still, I think I miss the old posts here on LJ more....

The Paragon Clockwork Mage / Kobold Press

When Brian Liberge, Paul Baalham, John Pope and I wrote Defenders of Midgard we ran out of space for all the cool ideas we had, and ended up not including paragon powers and features for the clockwork and glyph magic mage schools. We've put this right and the first of two articles is now on the KQ website:

The Paragon Clockwork Mage / Kobold Press


Check it out and let us know what you think!


When we did the Kickstarter campaign for the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition, Brian Liberge and I needed to provide some extras for the higher level backers. The obvious answer was to provide some extra 4e monsters so we looked through the long list of Midgard monsters that we just didn’t have the room for in the original bestiary and picked our 12 favourites to go in a “bonus bestiary”.

We had to turn things round very quickly so we enlisted the help of Paul Baalham and picked four each. I can’t remember how we divided them up between ourselves, but I was very happy with the ones I got to work on: the pig-faced infernal deal-making chort devil (a level 22 skirmisher), the hideous oculo swarm (a level 6 skirmisher capable of removing the eyes of its victims) and the goat-horned stuhac (a level 18 solo brute that wears the woven ligaments and tendons of its victims as garments). Best of all is the kikimora, a kind of “reverse brownie” that persecutes the owners of the house it lives in, smashing stuff and making the place filthy, rather than tidying up and polishing their shoes. As well as these four, the book contains another eight awesome monsters, including the multiplying doppelrat, the freaky looking strangling watcher and the witchlight, a glowing orb familiar.

The Bonus Bestiary is now available at for just $2.99 (or £1.95) and has already had a five star review!

Midgard Legends Out Now

Several months ago, I wrote about Titus Patrascu, fallen paladin of Hecate and "Midgard legend" as part of the Midgard Tales Open Design patron project. Titus and 22 other legendary heroes, villains and monsters from the Midgard setting appear in the latest book from Kobold Press, Midgard Legends, available now from Titus will, I think, also appear in Christina Stiles forthcoming high level adventure, Freeing Nethus.

The book also contains new spells and magic items (for Pathfinder) and more. And it has an awesome cover by Kieran Yanner. Check it out!

The finished version of Defenders of Midgard, designed by Brian Liberge, me and Paul Baalham with contributions from John Pope (Daily Encounter) and Phil Wheeler is out now at for just $4.99 (£3.09). The full colour book contains seven new Midgard themes including the Clockwork Mage (written by me), the Midgard Elementalist and the Pantheist Priest, as well as new backgrounds, schools of magic and gear.


Together with the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition and the Midgard Campaign Setting, 4e players now have all they need to game in the fantastic world of Midgard. Two great 4e adventures, Courts of the Shadow Fey and Lost City, are also available. Wizards of the Coast might not be releasing 4e material anymore but Kobold Press is!

104318  105276

Huzzah! I have just popped down to my local post office to pick up my copy of the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition. It's over a year since I sent the final draft to the_monkey_king and I am very happy to finally be able to hold a copy in my hands*.

I think it's turned out really well as you can hopefully see from these photos:

IMG_4211   IMG_4212
IMG_4213   IMG_4214

These show three of my favourite monsters in the book – the Ghost Boar of the Ringwood which I wrote after reading one of the early drafts of the Seven Cities chapter of the Midgard Campaign Setting, back when Brian and I were going to write one or two KQ articles rather than a fully fledged 4e book, the Alehouse Drake which appeared in the Parsantium campaign and I loved so much I bought the artwork, and finally the infamous Mages of Allain, based on the Bemmean Wizard in the AGE Bestiary and on Brandon Hodge's excellent Wasted West chapter in the Midgard book.

Thanks to everyone who backed the Kickstarter – I hope you get as much fun using the monsters in your games as Brian Liberge and I did writing and playtesting them! And we're not quite done yet – Defenders of Midgard, the Bonus Bestiaries and Kickstarter adventures are still to come.

* I got to hold g0gmag0g's copy on Saturday but that doesn't really count.

Midgard Campaign Setting in Print

My patron copy of the Midgard Campaign Setting arrived today in the post. It's signed by both Wolfgang Baur and TSR legend Jeff Grubb (creator of some of my favourite D&D campaign settings) and looks even more gorgeous in print than the PDF did!

I thoroughly recommend this to anyone looking for a D&D campaign setting, whatever edition of the game you are playing as over 81% of the page count is mechanics-free setting material.

Zobeck, the Ironcrags, the River Court and the Courts of the Shadow Fey have all appeared in the 4e Parsantium campaign and I'm looking forward to using a lot more of the material in this book in the future.

You can read more in the io9 article here. and also download a free preview from the KQ website.

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I got a nice surprise in my email this morning - a download link to my patron copy of the Midgard Campaign Setting from Open Design (or Kobold Press as it is now known).

This book has been nearly two years in the making – I think I signed up as a patron in January 2010 – and as an Open Design patron, I have had access to various drafts of the manuscript throughout the process, as well as the opportunity to suggest ideas through the forums on the Kobold Quarterly website. This means I am pretty familiar with the content, having thread through various iterations of the material several times while working on the 4e Bestiary, so I know it's excellent stuff, full of imaginative ideas from Wolfgang Baur and the other chapter authors (including Jeff Grubb!).  The forums also offer an opportunity to make little contributions to some of the cities and other locations covered in the book and I'm delighted to see a few of mine have made it in to the finished book: g0gmag0g will enjoy seeing Hrothgar's Marauders in the Crossroads chapter!

Now that I have the PDF, I can honestly say I think this is one of the best-looking campaign setting books I have ever seen. As well as being very well laid out, there are some beautiful maps from ace cartographer Jonathan Roberts and great-looking art, including loads from Artesia creator Mark Symlie.  I cannot wait for the print version, hopefully coming later this week!

Congratulations to Wolfgang and everyone involved!

SMYLIE_Amazon_Perun  Midgard-Germans-Nymph+Knight-c2
I'm very pleased to report that the Midgard Bestiary for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons that I co-wrote with Brian Liberge is out now at!

It's over a year since I started working on this book and I am very, very happy with how it has turned out. Kickstarter backers are being emailed their links by Wolfgang as I write this, but if you missed the Kickstarter, you can pick up the full colour PDF for just £6.16 ($9.99).

Thanks to everyone who backed the Kickstarter, contributed to the discussions on the KQ forums or helped with playtesting. I hope you all like the book!



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